Walk to the Desert Redux

Content Patcher Walk to the Desert Redux 1.3.1-alpha

Fixed PickledPete not appearing in his shop, this was due to me removing his room warp accidentally, updated warps for SVE support and a few key locations that didn't need converting to MapTile warps, fixed some map tile warp errors where you can walk outside the map in the Tunnel due to a missing tile at coordinate 0,12 and 1,12 (Thanks ConcernedApe), fixed a mapping error on the Forest Road that let you walk directly up from the tunnel opening to escape the map, fixed a tile error on the Winding Road map near the top where a road tile was flipped for no particular reason, no need to dig deeper into it, fixed more mapping errors but this time on the Interchange Map where you could yet again, escape the map near a cliff and finally fixed SVE support, apparently SVE doesn't like MapTile warps, or I just set them up incorrectly, will investigate at a later date and finally, I fixed a texture error on the z_ghostshoptiles.png tilesheet where the black image used for the outside of the map had four pixels of colour in the bottom left corner, they have been removed.
Added proper support for Ridgeside Village's inter-mod compatibility, removed the ability for rain to spawn on the Desert map, fixed layering issues with the Interchange map sign pointing to Zuzu City and updated map strings and warps.
Fixed warp configuration options, this prevents being teleported back into the Desert when trying to go to the Ghost town, removed map strings for my now cancelled Garden Village Redux mod that was going to be integrated in update 1.3.0, fixed Content Patcher formatting with the SandyEvents.json file, thanks to Epitopus#7528 on my Discord Server for that, this will ensure WtTDR will work with other mods that also modify Sandy's Desert store and other locations that may be added/modified in the future with new events, thanks to AlbertoArts#2558 in my Discord Server for providing better configuration options for the Ghost Berry and Ghostly Wine, making it more cost effective and more rewarding, removed the SaveData.save file from the FTM files, updated the file UpdateKeys in the Content Patcher manifest.json file and updated the dependencies of the mod.
Added support for the new Content Patcher Version of Garden Village by Ylgnik. Support for Tarniyar's version of Garden Village has been dropped as it relies on both TMXL Toolkit and PyTK.
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Several things have been updated, firstly all tilesheets have been updated to include some highway road signs pointing to Downtown Zuzu, courtesy of Harvz, special thanks to João シ for discovering a texture issue with the Starblue version of the Ghost Town tilesheet. All warps going into Walk to the Desert Redux are now LoadMap warps, this prevents the ability for NPC's to wander in aimlessly and going somewhere they shouldn't be going. Minor performance, asset and code enhancements.
Fixed map names for Downtown Zuzu in content.json.
This release only fixes support for Downtown Zuzu since they changed the names of their map files within Content Patcher.
Fixed map names in JA, STF, FTM Files. Fixed PickledPete NPC, and removed the possibility to get infinite Old Coins if Garden Village is not installed, it now costs 10 Coins, with Garden Village installed it costs 10 Coins and 1 Slime Cheese.
This update contains bug fixes from the previous 1.2.4 update. This properly re-enables and fixes the horse path and some other minor fixes with the code and patch maps.