Walk to the Desert Redux

Content Patcher Walk to the Desert Redux 1.2.8

Have you ever wondered why the Tunnel is blocked by a boom gate? And how the hell does Pam drive through it when there is no visible access panel nearby? Well wonder no more! Because this mod is basically just to spite the design of one boom gate in a dark Tunnel. (joke)

But there are a few reasons that everyone else would rather take the bus. The road just happens to be very long, and sometimes there are monsters roaming about. You'll either want to bring a sword with you, or just run, really fast.

This mod was originally created by Tarniyar, and was originally just called Walk to the Desert. I was granted permission to update and improve the mod and this is the outcome. Enjoy!

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What's New in Version 1.2.6

Fixed map names in JA, STF, FTM Files. Fixed PickledPete NPC, and removed the possibility to get infinite Old Coins if Garden Village is not installed, it now costs 10 Coins, with Garden Village installed it costs 10 Coins and 1 Slime Cheese.

Verison 1.2.5

This update contains bug fixes from the previous 1.2.4 update. This properly re-enables and fixes the horse path and some other minor fixes with the code and patch maps.

Version 1.2.4

This update re-adds the horsepath and moves it next to the tunnel.

Version 1.2.3

This version adds small hotfixes and further compatibility support. Tego's Stardew Expansion Redux mod by AnotherPillow is now supported, to reach the highway, keep walking left when you enter the road map of Tego's Stardew Expansion Redux. Compatibility support for Downtown Zuzu mod by XxHarvzBackxX has been restored, they recently renamed all their maps meaning when you attempted to walk to Downtown Zuzu via Walk to the Desert Redux you would soft-lock your game which would force you to close and re-open your game.
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Version 1.2.2

This is a quick hotfix update to fix an issue with the Ghost Town Cave Minecart, it's sending you to the updated name for RSVMinecart which is used in 1.28, but since that's not released yet it doesn't take you anywhere and causes an error. Sorry.

Version 1.2.1

This update brings some small fixes to some bigger issues I missed when converting the mod from TMX to CP. It turns out I did not convert the map names for the spawns of the Coins or the event you encounter when meeting Pickled Pete for the first time. I have also removed the requirement for Bus Locations, you not longer need this mod if you aren't planning on using Garden Village alongside Walk to the Desert Redux. If you have any further issues please do not hesitate to report them.

The Nuclear Power Plant text has been removed as the mod has been put on hold for the foreseeable future, it will now connect to Ridgeside Village! Keep an eye out for when that update drops! Also if you found the secret cave on the Ghost Town map, and if you saw the minecart talking about Ridgeside Village, well if you have the mod installed and you've already experienced the event that unlocks the minecarts on the Ridgeside Village map, you can now hitch a ride to Ridgeside Village on the Minecart, just don't ask how the physics of it works.

Also the "Harder" version has been merged back with the main version of the mod and is no longer supported. Have fun, Enjoy the new Update!

Version 1.2.0

This update comes with the first custom content not created by myself or Tarniyar, massive shoutout to omena007 & Gweniaczek for re-designing the Ghost Town tilesheet! Make sure to give both of them tons of love and Kudos for their amazing work. The new town textures fit well with the theme, they supplied me with the tilesheet and I have converted the default tilesheet for the four currently supported Recolour mods. Earthy, Eemie, Pastoral and Starblue.

I have also added a brand new cave located on the Ghost Town map, you can find it at the back of the Ghost Town.

iOS/MacOS issues have hopefully been fixed, recently iOS/MacOS users have not been able to use this mod due to all of the custom maps being encrypted with Base64, iOS/MacOS does not like Base64 Encryption and therefor it crashes when attempting to load the maps. All custom map files have been converted to CSV encryption which is used universally throughout vanilla Stardew Valley, so hopefully iOS/MacOS support has been restored, if not please leave a bug report.

There are two available versions of the mod, you have an easier configuration with Farm Type Manager which is used in the default main file version for this mod and the harder configuration for Farm Type Manager which is available as an optional download, if you download the harder version then you don't need to download the main file. The harder version adds more hostile monsters and creatures throughout the day and the easier configuration adds more manageable and timid creatures and monsters. Both versions have the same spawn rate and damage with the ghosts on the Ghost Town Map so don't expect any differences there.

Version 1.1.5

This is a small update that adds warps to the Downtown Zuzu mod if it is installed. If you don't have the mod installed your path is blocked by an invisible wall with a message if you interact with it.

Version 1.1.4

This update brings a few fixes to recently discovered bugs. There was a bug with Farm Type Manager after completing a bundle in the Community Centre and then sleeping, during the cutscene the game would throw an exception and possibly crash the game. The Horse path was blocked by bushes, shrubbery and a static tree, this prevented players from bringing their Horses and Tractors through to the other side of the Tunnel. This has been resolved by removing the bushes and shrubbery the game spawns and were replaced with foraging spawns so now you can collect seasonal plants like Daffodil's in Spring and Common Mushrooms in Fall etc. Green, Blue and Red Slimes have been added to the list of monsters that now spawn during the day and evening on the Forest Road, Winding Road and Interchange maps. Make sure to bring a powerful sword as Red Slimes are the most dangerous with the highest health out of the Green and Blue Slimes.

Version 1.1.3

As I updated the maps from TMX to Content Patcher, I had to choose a new naming convention for the map files for SMAPI to recognise them, I didn't update the NPC files, Farm Type Manager, Shop Tile Framework and Producers Framework. Due to this no Mobs were spawning outside at all no matter the time of the day, and the "secret" NPC would not appear in the shop as the warp details were not updated. This update fixes this issue, enjoy!

Version 1.1.2

This version comes with a lot of the code being overhauled, all the map files have been converted from .tbin to .tmx and have been moved from the TMXL Map Toolkit loader to Content Patcher. Almost all the tilesheets have had some form of changes that are drastic enough to break other map mods using these tilesheets, notably Garden Village.


Walk to the Desert is compatible with Stardew Valley Expanded, Ridgeside Village and the Boarding House and Bus Stop Extension. This mod is most likely compatible with other map expansion mods as well, if they aren't listed here then they haven't been tested yet. If the map mod makes direct changes to the Tunnel map, Backwoods map or the Calico Desert and has not been listed here then please let me know so I can add a compatibility fix for it to work directly with this mod.

Known Bugs

Mac OS -- There appears to be a compatibility issue with the Mac OS version of SMAPI and this mod, If you are using Mac OS and you want to use this mod, please hold off until an update is released that confirms compatibility with Mac OS.

NPC Map Locations -- Sometimes you may encounter the following error:

This mod failed in the GameLoop.DayStarted event. Technical details: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at NPCMapLocations.ModMain.LocationToMap (System.String locationName, Int32 tileX, Int32 tileY, System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2 CustomMapVectors, System.Collections.Generic.HashSet`1 LocationExclusions, Boolean isPlayer)

If you encounter this error you'll need to completely delete your NPC Map Locations mod and download the latest version. This error occurs with outdated versions of NPC Map Locations that used a different method of displaying NPC's on the map. Please download the latest version of NPC Map Locations.

Phantom Bus -- When you cross from the Ghost Town to the Calico Desert you will be transported inside of Pam's Bus and you will be dropped off at the bus stop as if you took the bus from the beginning. This is sadly a hard-coded event with the Desert mod and cannot be removed or overwritten.

The solution that Tarniyar's came up with was to pretend that it's a magical bus that helps you cross the border into the desert because the desert was magically sealed during some sort of "Elemental Wars", Sandy was given some extra dialogue to tell you about the legend of the said Phantom Bus. I'm not sure if I am going to remove this from Walk to the Desert Redux or not but it will be something to deal with in the future.

Required Mods

Garden Village is no longer "required " for Walk to the Desert Redux to function, this is because not everyone wants to use Garden Village as it's a bit out of date. You can still use Garden Village with Walk to the Desert Redux and it will work fine, but without Garden Village installed you will be met with a invisible wall and if you right click it you get text telling you about downed powerlines and trees.

If you are installing this mod alongside Garden Village then you'll also need these mods:

SMAPI (required)
Content Patcher (required)
JSON Assets (required)
BusLocations (required for new bus stop to Garden Village. Unofficial update for Android is here.)
Producer Framework Mod (required)
Shop Tile Framework (required)
Spacecore (required by other content packs)
Mail Framework Mod (required to add custom mail)
Farm Type Manager (to allow spawning of forage, quarry, monsters, and artefact spots)
Antisocial NPCs (to hide NPCs from the social menu before you encounter them)
Custom NPC Fixes (to allow NPCs to walk around) latest version is here, not on nexus
Custom NPC Exclusions (stops the game from picking non-village NPCs for the gift exchange). NEW!!

If you are using Garden Village then you'll need the TMX Map Toolkit as the map files from that mod are still .tbin files and haven't yet been converted to .tmx files and Content Patcher.

Features of Walk to the Desert Redux

There are four new major maps, the Forest Road, Winding Road, Interchange and Ghost Town and a number of smaller locations -- some of them hidden. If you want to be surprised, don't open the spoilers!

Forest Road

This map connects to the left hand side of the tunnel -- I've removed that pesky barricade for you so you're free to pass all the way through. Forest Road features an abandoned farm, including a overgrown field that sometimes still produces vegetables, and a weird magic tree that sometimes produces fruits. And some wild monsters. They're not too strong, but you don't want to stand still and let them hit you.

To the left, the road continues on to the Winding Road map.

Hidden Features

The magic tree sometimes produces other strange objects -- check it around the holidays.
Behind a large, breakable boulder is flower meadow where you can find seasonal flowers.

Winding Road

This map connects to the Forest Road to the east, Garden Village to the West, and the Interchange map is located North. You can walk to Garden Village in about one hour in game time, easily getting there before Pam even gets out of bed!

Winding Road features normal random forage, a quarry area at the top of the map and a road going to the West where a planned Nuclear Power Plant mod will be located. (Monster Spawns will be re-added later)


This map connects to the Winding Road at the bottom, the Ghost Town on the left, and a future location on the top right. (Downtown Zuzu will be added in the near future once the mod receives an update to add a Desert Location.)

The Interchange map also features another quarry area. (Monster Spawns will be re-added later)

Ghost Town

This map connects to the Interchange on the right, and the Calico Desert on the left. This mod is compatible with all the changes made to the desert by SVE as far as I've been able to see.

The Ghost Town is a battered looking place with nothing really of note, except for the warning signs. Maybe you should visit after dark? Or maybe you shouldn't...

Hidden Features

  • Ghosts start spawning within the Ghost Town after 8pm, they mean business so you better be careful!
  • A shopkeeper will arrive in the unlocked building after 8pm to sell you some new items.

Content Spoilers


  • Eerie Plant - plant in any season. Produces 1 fruit in 12 days.


Pickled Pete - birthday Winter 4. (Heart Events and a larger Shop Inventory coming later)
  • Loves: Ghostly Wine, Pale Ale, Wine
  • Likes: Beer, Void Mayonnaise
  • Neutral: All Cooking, Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, and Forage
  • Dislikes: Diamond, Prismatic Shard
  • Hates: Golden Pumpkin, Rabbit's Foot
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