Simple Foliage

Content Patcher Simple Foliage 3.0

Finished all bushes, static trees, terrain trees for vanilla & vpr!
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Simple Foliage V1.2.3
Spruce up your Stardew Valley trees with this mod!



Installation instructions:

For those using VPR:
VPR has a whole bunch of bits and bobs that lets you customize the recolor. Unfortunately this also makes modding things to be compatible with it is also more finnicky. The default file for Simple Foliage makes it so that the tilesheets file in it replaces other mod's tilesheets to make sure the inaccessible map trees display correctly. Because it sits on top of VPR's outdoor tilesheets, the overlay customization won't work.

To solve this, move the following files from VPR into a separate folder outside its assets folder:

Then edit the manifest.json in Simple Foliage and edit this out:

Now CP should only be able to read the Simple foliage version of these files and won't overlay anything it shouldn't. Let me know if there's still issues.
Personally, I prefer editing the trees on top of VPR files to avoid confusion.


If there's any issues with the installation process, let me know!
It's easiest to contact me through discord (anette#9011) or email me at [email protected]
Feel free to support me on my instagram, artstation, or kofi


-Current supported colors-
Vanilla (vanilla)
Vibrant Pastoral Recolor (vpr)

To change colors, edit the config.json file!
Feel free to suggest recolors in the comments


Mods used in image previews:​