PPJA - Fresh Meat

JsonAssets PPJA - Fresh Meat 3.0.3

  • Removes Dragon Tooth;
  • Adds Ostrich crop & associated objects;
  • Support for new critters added to PFM Fresh Meat for Bug Net;
  • Adds mail flag to recipes requiring pineapple, mango, taro, banana, and/or ginger;
  • Sprites updated;
  • New recipes;
Fresh Meat's overhaul has been in beta for a few months now and it's finally time to release it.

What's new?
  • 13 new crops
  • Crops now have animated & static variants for their animal-like appearance versions (CP + CPA Required)
  • New recipes
  • Leather & other goods have been added (requires MYC)
    • These will eventually be used in a future update so stock up
  • Bug Net support (requires Bug Net)
  • 3 new machines so you can synthesize your own meat & can your own shellfish & meat
  • Hungarian translation