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SMAPI Even Better RNG 1.7.2

There is a mod called "Better RNG" by Zoryn that replaces SDV's RNG with "Mersenne Twister" (MT).

Problem is, MT is slow and its randomness is also suspect.

This mod replaces SDV's RNG with "XoShiRo128**", a fast and well-behaved PRNG.

In addition, this mod also implements "Better RNG" feature of "Override Daily Luck", with 2 flavors: "Uniform Distribution" and "Gaussian Distribution".

(Unlike "Better RNG", this mod does NOT attempt to change Tomorrow's Weather, though. I am very reluctant to tinker with something that turns out to be really complex.)

For more detailed description, please visit the mod's page at Nexus Mods. I'm reluctant to retype all of that :laugh:
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.7.2 is released!

    Lots of improvements. Please see the mod's page at NexusMods for complete description + changelog.
  2. Version 1.2.0 released

    Now supports "Generic Mod Config Menu", yay! Default Gaussian Standard Deviation is tweaked a...
  3. v1.1.0 - Actually on DayStart + F5 to reload config

    Now actually (re)randomize Luck on DayStart instead of on SaveLoad. Plus, now also implements...