Climates of Ferngill

SMAPI Climates of Ferngill 1.5.9

Climates of Ferngill

Current Version: 1.5.7

What's New
- Variable Rain.
- A more customizable weather system
- Weather Systems!
- Temperature variation chances

Translations may be out of date. Please contact me if they are

## Multiplayer
Supports MP, with most features locked out to main player. However, most weathers will render on farmhands screen.


- SMAPI 3.0+
- Stardew Valley 1.4+
- PyTK: latest

This mod is not compatible with More Rain or Weather Machine or Snow on Fall 28 (albeit, the last only on Fall 28). (i.e: weather mods do not work well together).
For people who may want to use Snow on Fall 28, there is a config option to set this mod to spawn snow on fall 28.


This mod does the following:

- Alters the weather via a custom method that can read custom files
- Adds in several custom weathers - Thundersnow! Blizzards! Dry Lightning! Fog! Thunder Freeenzy!!!
- Changes the rain totem to occasionally spawn storms as well.
- Adds a weather menu option, which will display information about the weather
- Changes the text for the TV weather channel
- Adds Variable rain and custom debris sprites
- Adds weather systems!
- Adds current temperature displays where relevant

1.5 implements a full variable rain system. This means that on any day it rains, there are now chances for the rain to not remain constant throughout the day, or even chances for it to become overcast with no rain.

In addition, it adds a new feature: weather systems. Weather systems are written to be biased towards sunny days for the first 10 days of spring.


Enhanced adds in debris in seasons not present in vanilla weather, as well as other factors.

- If you need to trigger a sunny day for the community center event (especially important if you use enhanced_monsoon or monsoon), I recommend using the command world_tmrwweather sun in the SMAPI console.

If you have a custom climate, you'll need to update it to match the changes to climates in 1.5 (and move it to assets/climates/)


This mod uses harmony to patch functions to allow it to draw custom rain and snow colors.

- Prismuth for the fog sprite
- Pathoschild for ideas
- jahangmar for the German translation
- Sky for the Korean translation
- ChefRude for testing and the night icon sprites (as well as better fog textures)
- Pan for the new base debris sprites
- FoggyWizard for the sandstorm sprite
- FarAways for the Chinese translation
- mouse and minerva for the testing
- Amu Tsukiyomi for all of the debris sprites, and several icon sprites
- jahangmar for a bug fix re sync
- floatingatoll for a bug fix re fog flashes
- Strobe and kdau for bug texting
- The SDV discord #modding channel for discussions and encouragement.

If I have left you out of acknowledgements, please contact me so I can get you added to the acknowledgement list
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Latest updates

  1. Updated for SMAPI 3.4.1

    Contains a fix for 3.4.1 (also changes some colors)
  2. It helps to make sure you check your code *before* hitting build

    1.5.8 simply contains the correct fix.