What's your favourite farm layout?


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Hmmm, that's tough. I really like four corners and people have been making some great layouts on that map since 1.4, but I have to say that forest is still my favorite.

Also, can't believe you didn't make use of the poll feature here :P
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My fav has always been Forest, I just love the natural look. But I like each layout for something, Hilltop and Riverlands are also pretty on their own, while Standard and Wilderness are a "blank canvas" and allow for a lot of customization. The only one I don't really like is 4 corners, it feels too small for my taste.


My favorite is definitely wilderness, it has plenty of farming space without being overwhelming for me like standard is, and it has the elevations to the west that divide that side in two parts naturally so you can have animals buildings and the like. And I love the overall aesthetic of it as well. The night monsters aren't as bad as people think, they can easily be evaded or tanked, at least until you get higher combat levels.


So far I've always gone with standard, I just like having a ton of free space where I can design it however I want without much being in the way. Used to struggle with making the large pond fit in, but saw someone on reddit add fences next to it and put the animals in the area above it, so it looks like the pond is where the animals get water from. Thought that was super cute so I copied the idea and have never looked back. :P

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forest is my best aesthetically, but i think 1.4 won my heart over with four corners. i just think it makes for nice organization for someone who has a little bit more trouble with it like me, hehe


Standard and 4 Corners stand on equal footing for me. I like the space in Standard and the little bit of everything as well as the partition in 4 Corners. If you hold my pinkie as hostage and forced me to choose, I'll say River Farm to threw you off.
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I've only played on Standard and Forest, but I've seen images of the others. Overall I'd have to say that my favorite is Forest Farm for a few reasons. 1) I enjoy the scenery it provides. 2) The daily and easily noticable forgables are helpful for early game. 3) The hardwood that regrows daily is very useful.


I really enjoy the 4 corners farm for how I can use its sections for different things, but I'll have to agree with McSwagger here, that Forest is my favorite- I just love the feel of it.


I love the forest layout! The easy to access hardwood makes getting to foraging level 10 easy, then I get pigs to dig up truffles and then I profit :D


Depends, I love the original layout if it's for solo because it has a nice feel to it and is easy to get used to. With friends definitely 4 corners just to get a mix of anything (and slightly more beneficial in the beginning)


I actually really the river farm! Theres always been something appealing to me about living next to a moving body of water and going across the little bridges that are there! Though the four corners is starting to win me over as well.


Visual wise I really love River Farm and its potential but I can't help to choose Standard Farm instead cause there's so much that I can turn it into..
It gives large potential to be anything I want to design it to be depending on how I lay around the buildings, craftables, plants and trees..
It's an addictive feeling to keep re-designing it..