Please Read Multiplayer Guidelines

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Magically Clueless

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Hi there! Be sure to read our rules if you haven't!

The Multiplayer forum is a good place to look for someone to play with, or to set up your multiplayer farm with somebody. This place is your multiplayer canvas!

With that being said, keep these guidelines in mind-

- Please specify your preferred platform via prefix in your thread!! The prefix is the option you get beside your thread title when you create a thread; this lets people know what platform you're playing on! Alternatively, if you want a game on multiple platforms, you can specify it in the title or in your post.
- Give as much MP information as you can. You're more likely to find someone who wants to play when you give them a better idea of what you want to do with the farm.
- Be informed about who you play with. We're not responsible for any disputes in-game, and no arguments or mishaps should spill into the forums. Please report any abuse that you feel affects the forums, but please understand we cannot moderate cases where someone was unfavorable in a game.

Thank you for reading!
Not open for further replies.