Please Read Forum Feedback Guidelines

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Magically Clueless

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Hi there! Be sure to read our rules if you haven't!

Forum Feedback is the perfect place to give your, well, feedback! Our community grows and changes over time, so we want to read your thoughts on what we're doing well, what we could do better, and anything else that you think would improve your experience on the forums.

With that being said, keep these guidelines in mind-

- A suggestion is not a guarantee. While we read as much as we can in this forum, we will not implement every suggestion that comes our way. We do take your suggestions seriously, however. Never be afraid to let us know how you feel! If your suggestion is about a specific case of rule-breaking behavior, please contact us directly.
- Respectfully disagree! If someone implements a suggestion that you disagree with, you're free to say you do not support the idea and give your reasons why, but please do not insult the poster or the idea. Alternatively, if someone replies to your thread disagreeing, please be respectful and be open to different perspectives! Always discuss with your fellow members in a civil manner.

Thank you for reading!
Not open for further replies.