When I go through a black screen (like when I leave my home, go to the town, etc) the game closes. I've reinstalled it, deleted the "..._old" files but nothing works. I did some research and maybe it could be my computer. PLS HELP ME ALL I WANT TO DO IS PLAY WITH MY FRIEND :defeated::defeated: I...
  2. iOS [BUG] Monster farm / monster spawning in days

    I have play the game for 3 week now with 77 hour of gameplay in . The bug that i have right now is monster keep spawning in day , where they should despawn in the morning . In year 1 it doesn’t happen at all , only in year 2 fall season day 10-17 they keep spawning , red slime and fiber monster
  3. dave69doritos

    PC [HELP] guests keep getting disconnected from the server

    yo, so basically me and my bf started playing coop together and everything was fine for ~two whole season and all, then i tried to invite a third person in and well, he kept crashing/losing co everytime they tried to leave his cabin then everyone began to lose connection now the third person is...
  4. PC [BUG] Can't pick up thrown items in this section at the Stardew Valley Fair

    When i was playing with my friends, i threw my overalls here and was unable to pick them back up. In addition, my friend threw his item on the ground around this section as well and was unable to pick it back up. However, i was able to pick up the snail to the right of the pole, so i marked the...
  5. PC [BUG] Walking on the black area

    I can join any house and stand straight the exit door and when i hit with my sword i can walk in the black area please fix this bug am gonna record...
  6. Kamil

    PC [HELP] In-game Settings Keep Getting Reset

    Hey there, so each time i restart my game my in-game settings get reset such as audio, vsync option etc. Is this a known bug? Help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. PC [BUG] Translation error in Gift log

    The word "gifts" is not spelled correctly in the gift journal. It should be written "подарки", not "порарки". This bug is in the Russian translation of the game. I left a screenshot with this bug. [Screenshot]