1. 1

    Character Creation

    Upload an avatar image. "Welcome to Pelican Town!"
  2. 2

    Lewis' Gift Box

    Post 1 message. "Here's some parsnip seeds to get you started. -Lewis"
  3. 2

    A New Friend

    Earn 1 positive reaction. "Everyone's curious to meet the new farmer"
  4. 3

    First Harvest

    Post 10 messages. "As you pull up your hard-earned parsnips, you're greeted with the smell of fresh dirt and tangy root"
  5. 5

    1st of Summer

    Post 30 messages. "Things are really picking up on the farm."
  6. 5


    Upload 1 mod to the forums.
  7. 10


    Post 100 messages. "You've really become an important part of the Pelican Town community!"
  8. 10


    Earn 25 positive reactions.
  9. 10

    Year 2

    You've been living in the valley for a year, now. The seeds you've planted are starting to bear fruit.
  10. 10


    Upload 5 mods to the forums.
  11. 10

    Year 3

    You've been living in the valley for 2 years. Your farm is starting to feel like a proper home.
  12. 15


    Earn 100 positive reactions.
  13. 20

    Grandpa's Visit

    Post 1,000 messages. "Four eternal spirit candles have appeared above Grandpa's shrine, commemorating your noble work."
  14. 20

    The Beloved Farmer

    Earn 250 positive reactions. "Grandpa is proud!"
  15. 20

    Craft Master

    Upload 10 mods to the forums.
  16. 30

    A Golden Star Is Born

    Earn 500 positive reactions. "Morris is reeling..."
  17. 50

    Iridium Seal

    Earn a significant amount of trophies. "You've brought great honor to the family name"