Would a crossplay Mod be possible?



last year I found the "GeyserMC" project (https://geysermc.org/), which helps Minecraft Bedrock Clients (PS4, Xbox, Switch and Mobile) to connect to Minecraft Java Servers (PC).
As far as I understand, the Bedrock player connects to a Bedrock Server Proxy, which redirect the Bedrock Player to the Java Server. So its theoreticaly possible to connect game versions
that are not 100% equal by using something like a proxy or redirect server. It was a bit of work to set it up, but it worked perfectly fine for me and my friends.

Now we are playing Stardew Valley with 6 friends (with the 24/7 Server and unlimited Players Mod) on a little Windows Server (which also is running 24/7). And I was thinking, if this proxy or redirecting method would also work with Stardew Valley on consoles. Following things could lead to problems but its just an Idea, that not totally depens/relies on the official developers of the game.

1. I dont know, if there is a feature to redirect players to other servers
2. As a console player, you have to pay for online subscriptions (Playstation Plus, Xbox Live Gold, Nintendo Switch Online) to play with other players.
=> Only friends can join your game, when you are hosting one

What I though of:
A console account hosts an coop game 24/7 (because you are a friend of this account, you can join it)
2. You join that specific coop game and a window pops up to input an IP adress of an PC Server
3. After putting in the IP adress, you can click on "join" and you will be redirected to that specific Server

Finally: Does anyone think, that something like that would be possible? Its just frustrating that you as a user cant do anything about the that "problem".
The developers also mostly have their hands tied because of Sony's, Microsoft's and Nintendo's decissions. In the end, it would be great if anyone got an idea out of this post for something
or finaly found a way to play Minecraft with his console player friends.

Thank you for reading and sorry for my bad english.


Hey, I saw your post about crossplay mod for Stardew Valley, and it's cool that you found a way to connect different versions of games using a proxy server. It's possible for Stardew Valley on consoles too, but it might be hard to do. Keep exploring, and maybe someone will find a way for players to play Stardew Valley on consoles with friends. And if you're interested in using proxies for market research, check out https://soax.com/market-research. They have good info on how to use proxies for market research. Let me know if you have any new ideas.
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