Willy being sus with my horse *photo evidence*


I have never seen a Flounder give a more meaningful sidelong glance in my life. And the full and entire reason for the Flounder's creation is purely the sidelong glance. This is perfection.
The side eye is the cherry on top. Everything happens for a reason. This is the flounders reason.

Lew Zealand

Local Legend
He's a Farrier when the ship's in the shop for repairs. Just doin a bit of Horse Shoeing.

Remember, close counts in horseshoes.


Notice the flounder is staring at the bobber. He's only concerned about his fellow flounders.
He is pretending to be concerned by his fellow flounders. What is happening next to him is just too much for him. And ones wonder why flounders live at the bottom of the sea, as far as they can from humans... 😳