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Welcome to the Stardew Valley Forums in its full glory, and we hope you enjoy your stay! Get a mug of green tea, get comfy, and enjoy checking out everything the site has to offer! :coffee:

If you're a new member and you're not sure what to do yet, here's a list of each category and what they do:

  • Rules & FAQ - The rules for the forums and a few answered questions. Be sure to read them!
  • News & Announcements - Forum news and major game updates will be posted here.
Stardew Valley
  • Game Discussion - Place to discuss anything about the game, gameplay, theories, and more!
  • Multiplayer (LFG) - A good place to organize a group for multiplayer, or to find a group of your own.
  • Guides & Resources - Post any game-related guides, tips, and useful information that you would like to share with others.
  • Valley Showcase - Want to show off your farm or would like some help on what to do next with your farm? This is a good place to show off!
  • Fan Works - Any and all fan-related content of Stardew Valley is welcome here.
  • Board Game - Information and discussion about Stardew Valley: The Board Game!
Check out the Mods tab in the header, where you can upload, view, and download mods for the game!
  • Mods - Every mod posted will appear here with the ability to discuss and review them!
  • Modding Discussion & Creation - If you have mod ideas, want to talk about specific mods, or have any questions with your mod, this is the place to go!
  • Mod Support - If you have mod-related issues in your game or need some help, please post here.
  • Help & Bug Reports (Non-Modded) - This is the primary place to report any bugs or issues you find in the game.
  • Game Suggestions - You can post any suggestions or features you'd like to see in the game here!
  • Forum Feedback - Any questions, comments, suggestions, and feedback you have about the forums can go here!
  • Introductions - New to the forums or returning? Feel free to say hi here!
  • General Discussion - Anything not related to Stardew Valley is welcome here!
  • Creative - Want to show off your original work or fan works that aren't SDV related? Here's the place!
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