Stardew valley assistant


Hello, I want to buy the Stardew Valley assistant app, but I am not sure about some aspects and I need help.
1. using this app is a cheat?
2. Doesn't it cause bugs in the game?
3. Does it cause problems in the phone system?(Because I previously installed a famous screen recorder app and after working with it, I forgot to close it, and then when my phone screen turned off, instead of the lock screen, a black screen appeared without any options and nothing happened... In the middle of the night my phone restarted and opened the boot menu, I select the "reboot to system" and after phone turned on, I deleted that app. I want to know Stardew valley assistant app won't cause it to happen again?)
4.Doesn't it cause any other problems (like drop frame the game, corrupting the save file, etc.)?


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I'm not sure what app you are referring to, but most of these apps are just formatting information from in a different way. Some do a good job at making information from the wiki much faster to find and reference especially on mobile, while others are really just the same experience as visiting the wiki itself.

If you like the app you're referring to I could potentially answer more of these questions, but I would guess that the app does not interact with the game itself in anyway.


I downloaded it previously, but did not find it the best app out there. It is not a cheat. It is solely information based and you can use it to plan your daily schedule. All of its information is on here already, just perhaps more consolidated. So in some respects making it easier in finding where NPCs might be or their birthdays/best gifts, best crops to plant and when, community center checklist (all in a condensed calendar/planner format), BUT that also that leaves out other important info only found on the wiki here. I have no idea about its bug or crash rate. You have to upload a save file into it, so be sure to have a reliable duplicate file to be safe. I also don’t know if it can hurt your phone or not.