Question Reading the screen on startup


Hi, I'm somewhat simple as to how these things work, but I know that the initial screen on startup has loads of information to give me, probably about my mods, but I can't read it because it flies by like a hurricane and then it's gone. I can stop it, but I can't scroll and read the stuff on the bottom - it's stop or go, no in-between. This is all new stuff (as of maybe a week ago), printed in red, and it makes me crazy that I can't read it.

Is there a magical key I can press that will allow me to read the whole thing, or to scroll?
You probably talk about SMAPI.

To read it, open the game, and when it is open, you can come back to it by pressing Alt+Tab (it will switch between you open windows, so you maybe need to do it many times)

You should be able to scroll.

You can also read your smapi logs here : C:\Users\TheFireNight\AppData\Roaming\StardewValley\ErrorLogs (replace TheFireNight by you own windows username)