Otter's Coop Animals [Content Patcher] & [Alternative Textures]

Otter's Coop Animals [Content Patcher] & [Alternative Textures] 1.0

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Otter's Coop Animals - Adds a menagerie of textures for your coop critters!

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Please don't re-upload or re-distribute or edit/trace over my Mod/ Sprites and especially not behind a paywall! It would be very disrespectful of my efforts and work plus it's not a nice thing to do. This was done just so I could practice doing sprites and is meant to be free to enjoy and not for profit. They may not be amazing but I did work hard on them.
Please don't add any of my stuff to Mod Packs even with credit. People...​
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Is there a way to have some of each type of rabbit on your farm, or can you only select one of them?
if you use adoptnskin you can re-skin each individual rabbit to any one you want! just download the adoptnskin mod here and copy the "rabbits" folder from my mod into adoptnskin's asset folder. then simply use adoptnskin as it's show to apply the skins. ( Here's a good video on how it works, it's actually easier than it seems!) not sure if there is any other way since I suck at the coding part and really just wanted to get a basic content patcher version out there but I may look into an alternative textures version if there's enough interest. =)