Mods you didn't like?


I've been twitchy about the various seasonal outfit mods. I love the idea and effects of having the different outfits, but I haven't always liked the outfits, or, if I like the outfits, I'm finding that there's something else that bugs me (like the portraits or sprites being changed in ways I find unattractive). This might be enough to get me to learn how to make mods. Maybe.

Edit: to be more clear, the seasonal outfit mods that have been bugging me are the original one by paradigmnomad (sprites are fine, but some outfits are way too frilly for my taste; I'm particularly against having the majority of female characters wearing dresses most of the time as it just looks dated to me) and Poltergeister's version, Seasonal Outfits--Slightly Cuter Aesthetic (which has outfits I generally like, but which makes some modification to portraits that I really dislike, particularly Shane's). I know it's not reasonable to expect others to have my taste, so I'm not going to blame the mods!
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