Creator Response Lewis' gift effect - can you replace a bundle?


Hi folks, does Lewis' gift effect allow us to replace an already revealed bundle in place of revealing a bundle? We already had them all revealed and couldn't do the bug objective, but were torn on whether the gift effect was to trigger the action without the cost or explicitly require us to "reveal" a bundle with no option to replace it.


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The way it is written and designed was intended only to reveal bundles in rooms that have no revealed bundle. However, I don't think it unbalances anything to allow also for replacement, though I'd need to test it a few times to be sure. As only a reveal, it's fairly strong so my big hesitation is making it too strong and allowing players who get Lewis early to cycle through too many bundles. But again, I think this might not be that bad. I know it's not a decisive ruling but I hope this helps! :)