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Apologies if this is the improper location for this thread.
Here's the deal...I've always treated the suggestions (at least coming from me) as something that just would've been neat to see-- I've never thought what I post to be actually considered to be coded into the game, by mod or the Ape himself.
I care not about making myself look like a fool (I'm quite used to that), but am I posting incorrectly by doing so? Is it bad etiquette?
Anyways, peace and love!

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A suggestion could be something you just think would be cool, or it could be something you think would make a lot of sense. It's fine as long as you know the intention is for things you'd like for the game. You never know if ConcernedApe will like the idea and try to add it! But of course there's no promises, especially for suggestions that are very substantial

I think if you want to discuss scenarios instead of actual suggestions though it's better to go to Game Discussion. The main difference is who the post is for. If you just want to talk about the game (be it things that you think would be cool) with other people, Game Discussion is better. If the post is towards ConcernedApe (i.e. 'i'd love for you to add this even tho i don't think it will be') then Game Suggestions is better.


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Nice to know info in general, I think being a suggestion leaves it quite open ended, though I wouldn't recommend people compete for the most outlandish suggestions there