Writing Final hope

alright. Here we are Lilan. Joja skyscraper. Everyone must be here. Emilliy, Leah, Penny and Caroline. I need to rescue them. How did I get to this point? It began 3 months ago. I was at Pierre's to buy some seeds. Pierre and Lewis was there too. They fought because Lewis think joja was good at one point and Pierre thought that they was always bad. Then the wizard appeared and said that he can solve it by magic. He sent us to 1990. And we spayed Henry and Fred Joja. (They established Joja corp.) We knew that we are invisible but the magic did not work a second and Fred saw us. Pierre was right. Wizard returned us to the present but I am alone in somewhere I not recognize.
To be continued
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part 2:
I'm in a place that contains only gray buildings and gray people. somewhere affected by joja. I called for help but no one heard me. It began to rain and I opened my umbrela. I heard someone calling to me: Lilan! Lilan! they was in an alley so I walked to them. I saw how called to me. this was Luckas, my workmate and my only friend in the city. He said that he needs my help in something. I asked him what it is and he respone that this is a secret and I need to help my friends, he is the scond in men of them. He got a call from someone. he gave it to me. It was Haley, she needs my help to make joja not a Totalitarism goverment. I asked Luckas for explanetion and he said that after Fred saw 4 people in his office for a second and he thought about a chemica that can control the mind of people are not strong mentally. he put it in water and he caused almos everyne like Joja and help them. they destroyed the whole eclogic system exclude Pelican town. this is the only safe place because a magical forcefield that blokes joja. this is also the place where the T.C.A.J works. they are an Underground who tries to defeat joja. all the people of Pelican town are in it. I agrred to enter them as a new member and help them. but I need to go by walk to Pelican since the bus isn't working.

to be continued
part 3:
I am in the outh of the city. I am going to Pelican town. It will be 8 days of walking but I'm ready.
day one: this is very hard. there is almost no forageables and the food I did not have is over.
day two: I see some berries but I'm not sure this will be enought to one day.
days 3-8: same as day 2.
I'm finally in Pelican town. Willy is taking me to a base. he tells me that everyone is happy to see me alive and I am now a new member of the T.C.A.J. the coperation against Joja. I get out and Harvey hugged me and he said he was so worried (elementary Darling). I said that I missed him. I asked everyone if they saw Pierre or lewis and the said no. willy said that my role is assist everyone that needs help with something they can't do alone. I'm now Marnie's roommate because Joja took the farm. It sucks! she is snoring and speaks in sleeping. I did'nt sleep in the night. I hope I will get something intersting to do
to be continued
part 4:.
My mission for today is help Leah to find oxygen. Joja took it away and you need to buy it in bottles (remember that movie?). Leah tells me that Joja chopped down the whole forest. now it is just a blank paradise. She has a oxygen meter. I ask why they did it and Leah respond that they want everyone to listen to them. the chemical is in the air in the bottles. there isn't any weather because of this. the sun is mostly coverd by polluted air and space trash. I still canoot understand that. I think there is a way to defeat them. I will need tons of seeds.
part 5: I told everyone my plan: Plant trees over all the country and that will return the fresh air and the people will not need to buy they're air with the chemical anymore! Willy said that isn't a good idea because they might catch us and if not they will cut down the trees. I need to think about it more. I asked Leah a Question: What Joja do to not allow any other stuff that is not their own. She said to me that they want no competition and no one will be alowed to say bad things about them. no one exept us know that there was life before them and they all brainwashed. Oh jesus! I knew I didn't need to go with them
part 6: I had a dream. it the dream I was in the city. It was selient. no one called me. I walked in the center of the city. I felt sick for a moment. the air of course! Ah god! what can I do? I need to find my friends. my backpack isn't on me. I don't have any of my tools. I hear something. a scream. I check it out. it is a young boy. he isn't vincent. a bully took his money. I try to defend him. then I wake up. another dream. I'm somewhere far in the future. they did to much damage to the earth and now this place is dying. I see some people. they say that they don't have money for a ticket for another planet. they look poor. I give them some life elixer. they open a book. in this book there is every sin Joja did. this book is very heavy. it has about 6000 pages! I open the first page; "joja cola". that is all. I ask them for names. they are Meena, Armangard, Loni, Kasia and Marie. we sit on ruins of a building. it was build in very good hand. Robin built it! I ask why they evacuate to another planet. they will ruin it too! this is a cycle of harming. they respond that they don't know it. I see the blue sky. flowers are blooming! I see a creature. something living! I'm so happy! I will keep it a secret. I wake up. anything normal.
part 7: today my mission is help Harvey and Maru to heal people. we don't tell our names and no one knows how we work. I wear a lab coat and a mask. we check a young woman. sick because she ate too Jojadiets. we explain that those are not healthy but she is disintersted. she reminds me of Haley from the regular timeline. Haley of this timeline is smarter and not snob. well she is a bit snobish. after her there is a George. we sigh. in his case this was NSTW so I will not tell what happend. this was disgausting. at the evening I went to the mines. I need a good adventure. willy came and he said that he needs me to a special mission tomorrow. some of the T.C.A.J members got caught by Joja so I will need to rescue them. everyone else tried to do it but they failed. I said that he can trust me. I will sleep here. I don't want to be in the same room with the snoring monster. good night

part 8: alright. Here we are Lilan. Joja skyscraper. Everyone must be here. Emilliy, Leah, Penny and Caroline. I need to rescue them. maybe Pierre and Lewis are here. I start to climb the stairs. the elevator is out of order. I run but I am extahusted. on the 10th floor I stop. I have 55 more. I see a person with a suit. Morris arrr... he is the emperor of this world. I am now hate him more than ever! I climb up. the 35th floor. I see people working. they look sad. I want to tell them to quit but this to dangerus. wait a second. sperents?! not them! there are tons of them. I use my sword (I found it in the mines) and slay them! tons of spicy eels I hate. I'll keep it for later. I run again. the final floor. everyone are here! they are sleep except Pierre. he ask me where I've been. I say that I will get everyone to safe place and then I'll explain. I run again the whole way down. Oh no! Joja police officers found me and they block the exit! everyone wake up and we defeat them. I see Pam! she came with the bus and we evacuate from the city.
to be continued
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part 8: we are in Pelican Town. we somehow survived the drive (Pam). I tell Pierre and Lewis what happend when I was gone. I still hurt from that sepernt attack. Harvey apply a bandages on my hurt arms. I look like a mummy. Pierre will transfer stuff and Lewis will cypher masseges for Luckas and Shane. I need some sleep but I stay awake. Emilly thanks me. in the next day I help Pierre to carry fliers Elliott made. we need to be again in the city. we wear black capes. we put them on every pillar and bulletin board. 500 in two hours! we have 1000 so we do it in 4 hours. wait! there is someone who needs help! I help him like in my dream. he dosen't thank me. why? we come back and I sleep with the snoring monster. I have a dream. we return to the selient city. not again! as always no one notice me. I have my sword and a bowl of my least favorite bean hotpot. I suprised because this is NOT zuzu! I see a sign "welcome to Pelican City!" I'm ask someone for the way to Zuzu city. they say that this place don't exist. I ask if there is a place that start with "Zuzu". they say no. This place is now a megalopolis and Joja HQ. only Cruise city isn't a part of this megalopolis. I punch one of the buildings. It's not fair! I sit on a bench. everyone looks white like a paper. a woman sits near me. I ask her what's going on. she say after Joja defeated the empire everyone were so thankful so Joja took over the republic and they are alot better than them! then I wake up. I need to stop them! it can't be happening!

to be continued
part 9: We decide to apply my plan. Willy and the snoring monster saved tons of seeds! thank you god! we decide to plant them at the beggining in the valley. then we seperate: Willy, Marnie and Leah will stay in the valley while the others will go to the cities. Cruise and Zuzu city. there almost no dirt patches so there isn't much place to plant the trees. we need to break some tiles. we have my pickaxe so we break about 50 tiles in the whole city and plant our seeds. we still need to watch them all. everyone is coming to help us! everyone watch a seed. we still need to wait some more. 3 days later: the trees grew up! I feel oxygen in the air. Joja workers are coming! they start to fight but them everyone see them, they realize they were cruel! the citizens start to fight the workers! we won! everything goes white and then we wake up at the shop. Abigail ask us where we have been. we don't answer. everything is normal! we returned to the regular time line.

The end!