A check box for nonbinary gender option


I'm newish here and not sure if what I've said has been said before, so sorry if I'm repeating. I did notice more gender options was in the commonly suggested, but I was trying to think of an easier way it could be done (because I imagine it would be a lot of work).

I was thinking there could be a check box in character creation (like how there's other check boxes for things) that's like "nonbinary gender" or "no pronouns" or "no gendered dialogue" or something along those lines. Then having that box ticked could adjust the gender-based dialogue paths to a more neutral/androgynous one (could even do this without pronouns if that's easier) which could allow for a wider spectrum of gender identities without having to create new character appearances/sprites for them all.

I was just thinking about it as I want to invite my best friend to play with me, because I adore the game, but I'm worried that having to choose between he or she will be difficult/upsetting for them and put them off.

And sorry again if this exact thing has already been suggested. I had a bit of a look for it, but it's possible I missed it.
I think you should be able to choose either a feminine physique or a masculine physique, and then be able to choose your pronouns. Pronouns could be the standard she/her, he/him, and they/them. This way (for example) someone can choose a masculine body and have she/her pronouns in the game!


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The they/them is the hardest part to code out of the whole mess if i understand the problem correctly. Maybe @BlaDe can correct me.


mabe you could have a check box for multiple pronouns , and pronouns can be changed anytime during gameplay. Mabe there can even be a selection for gender (customizable as well) and a selection for pronouns in case you are gender non conforming .

Mabe even neopronouns can be implemented by having a custom pronouns option, and there is a default pronoun format you can rewrite your pronouns into.

for example: they/them/theirs as the default, and can be rewritten into in that order, ze/zir/zis

idk anyone's stance on neopronouns but super customizable pronouns can be easier for everyone, since some people do use neopronouns for whatever reason.
Idk how implementable this idea is though since not every language has gender neutral language, and other languages may have more pronouns or less than the english ####/####/####/ . it might be only used like ###/###/ or ### . I hope i explained that well.

anyways, this sounds like mabe it would be good ideas but it also sounds like it could never be actually put into sdv realistically speaking, hope you all have a great night or day wherever you are and hope this discussion gave you gender mod ideas atleast.
Yes, we should have more neutral pronouns available. But I’m not into the suggestions about giving the avatar either male or female physical features. We should all be able to achieve a suitable identity with the clothes and hair options provided.

I will say it was kind of upsetting how poorly my male character was treated. The towns folk are sexist a.f. If the developers could have a non-binary option it seems to me an overhaul of the game would be required.