1. High res images for party decorations/present quests?

    We're (trying) to have a stardew valley themed birthday for my son in a little over a week. I was hoping to print some stardew images for decorations, or potentially some 'quests' for my son to go find his presents... but the wiki seems very low resolution for everything. Is there an easy way to...
  2. Question Requesting a mod that adds the Pathologic’s Healers?

    Wasn’t sure which flair to use😅 So I know there’s a mod that changes the game’s aesthetic to match Pathologic 1. I love it but I’m ambitious. Why not add the Bachelor, the Haruspex, and the Changeling as well? I have it all in my head but, I don’t know how to make mods. I wanna work with...
  3. redbobcat

    iOS [Bug] Bulletin board loses request after restore from saved game

    I noticed that if you load a saved game (created with Save Backup on iOS, not a regular end of the day save), an exclamation mark on a bulletin board is gone and you no longer able to pick up a villager’s request that day. iPad Pro iPadOS 13.4.1 Game Ver *Edited to add* Also a tea...
  4. Eyeconic

    Title Font?

    Anyone got/willing to make the complete alphabet in the font style of the SV logo? I need it for Important Reasons but digital art is not a skill I possess
  5. sell this game on HongKong PS store too please

    it's been a while for the game start sell on PS store but still not on the HK PS store