1. Tukis J

    My ideas for expanding on the game ♦1.6♦ (meuseum furniture, NPC relationships, larger funded Festivals, Costomizable exteriors, and more ..🌝)

    - :iridium: It would be awesome to have another use for the gems found in geodes, maybe we could trade them at the museum for special items, for example, 3 marble would give you a marble statue, 3 tears would give you a yeti costume, etc.. for each different geode gem you could pay 3 of that gem...
  2. PC [BUG] Spouse row on relationship tab is the only one with no tracker for "talked to today" and "gifted them today"

    What the title says. I understand you can gift your spouse everyday, and that makes the tracker a bit redundant, but I would argue that precisely because you can do it everyday they're the easiest to forget about. EDIT: And I just noticed that the kids don't have the "talked to today" either...
  3. iOS [BUG] Scroll in relationships

    Hi, It really upsets that when you try to scroll thhrough the relationship entries on iOS, it randomly opens an npc. I cannot even reach the bottom of the list 😿 I've already wiped the display though (btw waiting for the 1.5 SO MUCH!!!!)
  4. EssGee

    SMAPI Keep Your Partners 1.0.0

    Keep your "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" title with your other partners after getting married, instead of them reverting to "single"! This mod works by simply nulling out the first half of the "if player is not married AND is dating" argument that controls when the boyfriend/girlfriend text is...