1. voidchickenfried

    Art meet my farmer :)

    this is morana. she's edgy & drinks too much coffee. she was deadset on romancing also edgy seb when she first started playing, but elliott won her over 🧡 as per my pirate elliott mod, we have a pirate son + a witchy daughter (eliana = elliott + morana). made using u/PlanetFactory's template...
  2. piratebarbarian

    Art Siru's SDV Art Thread

    I have no idea how much art I'll actually end up making, but hey, might as well slap this one drawing here for now. I was in the mood for doodling, so I drew up a quick drawing of my farmer (or farmsona, whichever name you prefer), Siru, just chilling with her grumpy old cat, Haiku. Siru rarely...
  3. Purrrrfect

    Thank you all for helping me decide, here is my farmsona!

    Thank you once again to everyone. Greetings and good game. Purrrrfect.