farmer oc

  1. Imp

    Art Imp’s Art Thread :]

    I mainly doodle things, and I’d like to keep everything in one place, so I’ll use this thread! Feel free to keep up with it if you’d like :] Firstly, a doodle of my farmersona thinking of Elliot!
  2. dolce-elegy

    Art "From Grandpa's Farm: A Stardew Valley OC Zine" Desert Party Final Illustration

    Continuing my brand of forgetting that this forum exists and then remembering that it does ;u;👌✨. Anyways, "From Grandpa's Farm: A Stardew Valley OC Zine" finally released which means I can finally post my piece for it! Here's my Farmer OC/Player Character, Casimiro (Stardew Valley [Beta] Farmer...
  3. estewanini

    Art Nini's SDV Art Thread

    I gotta call out @Chililover here for encouraging me to post my own art thread, it motivated me to get back into drawing since I dropped it in college 🙃 so thank you! Starting the thread with my 2nd save file farmer Yui, who I nicknamed Flossyfresh because her whole shtick is based on smints...
  4. piratebarbarian

    Art Siru's SDV Art Thread

    I have no idea how much art I'll actually end up making, but hey, might as well slap this one drawing here for now. I was in the mood for doodling, so I drew up a quick drawing of my farmer (or farmsona, whichever name you prefer), Siru, just chilling with her grumpy old cat, Haiku. Siru rarely...
  5. dolce-elegy

    "From Grandpa's Farm: A Stardew Valley OC Zine" Illustration Preview

    Hey all! Sorry that I haven't been around for a while. My call center job has been...killing me...which is putting it lightly... :'3 Anyways, I got into a Stardew Valley themed zine run by LBZines on tumblr! They're running a zine called "From Grandpa's Farm" that focuses on people's SDV farmer...