Dynamic Night Time

SMAPI Dynamic Night Time 1.3.9

This mod just makes DNT not work on areas spawned by SpaceChase0's Moon Misadventures Mod
Been a while, but here it is!

### 1.3.8
- Island set to 30 degrees south (or north) of the valley. This difference is customizable
- Fixes 1.5 issue introduced by parallax calculations assuming only sunset changes on the hour
- CoF integration temporarily disabled

### 1.3.7
- Updated for SDV 1.5
Fixes an icon issue and adds in a 'more orange' setting for more orange dawn
Fixes an error with API spam if Climates is not installed.
### 1.3.4
- fixes a null bug that seems to occur randomly when location or music is null
- we've redone the curves. Again. Color changes, as well.

### 1.3.3
- More bug fixing
Fixes a reversion bug in 1.3.1 preventing proper rendering of pre dawn mornings