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Please read before you post in the forums!
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Hello, welcome to the Stardew Valley Forums!

Before participating in the forums, please read the rules below, the Terms and the Privacy Policy. These rules apply to everything on-site, including names, avatars, profiles, topics, posts, and signatures. If you're unsure what you want to post is appropriate, feel free to ask a moderator or admin first. If you don't want to ask anyone, it's better to not post it.

The rules are not necessarily comprehensive and are subject to change. If you have feedback or suggestions about the rules, please let us know in Forum Feedback!

General Rules

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  • All posts MUST be in English (except for Multiplayer (LFG)). We have to keep the forums English-only for moderating purposes. This does not include showing examples of the game in other languages or giving small snippets of other languages.
  • Be friendly and respectful to others; no harassment or trolling. Private disputes between individuals should be done off-site.
  • Do not spam anywhere, including posting multiple of the same threads or posts. Keep your comments constructive and on-topic.
  • Keep all content in the forums appropriate and PG-13 friendly.
  • Do not beg for games or any other type of content. Please do not discuss piracy or link to pirated copies.
  • Respect everyone’s privacy; don’t post screenshots of private conversations here without express permission of other individuals.
  • Do not claim any content that isn’t yours. If you post content that is not yours, please link or reference back to the creator with a valid source.
  • Do not post misleading or inappropriate thread titles. Make sure your topics are clear and appropriate for the forum you are posting in.
  • No spoilers in thread titles except in Help & Bug Reports. If you would like to discuss spoilers without using spoiler tags, be clear that the thread will contain spoilers in the title, such as: [SPOILER] Problem with late-game building
  • No advertising. Do not make any threads or resources explicitly for monetary gain. More information below!

Examples of Inappropriate Content

  • Harassment and any similar attempts against an individual or group of people
  • NSFW of any kind; this includes explicit sexual content, nudity, realistic gore, gruesome sex jokes, underage sex jokes, or anything that sexualizes a character or person
  • Offensive slurs regardless of context
  • Offensive jokes/references against race/gender/sexuality
  • Mental illness/disability/suicide jokes
  • Content that discriminates people's beliefs/political opinions/anything similar
  • Discussion of drugs, abuse, assault, politics, religion, and other heavy/controversial content

Advertising Rules

  • Do not make any thread or post with advertising as the main intent, i.e. a thread notifying people you're streaming or a thread only for your commissions
  • You may share your let's plays/streams/blogs/etc. in this thread.
  • You can share your social links and preferred sites (including sites like Twitch and Patreon) in your signature and profile.
  • You can include your social links and preferred sites in threads if it is relevant (such as linking to your commission info in your art thread).
  • Share your content responsibly-- do not post your work in other people's threads without permission, i.e. if you post your art in someone else's dedicated art thread, or if you give/link off mod support in someone else's mod page.

Forum Etiquette

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In addition to the rules above, it's helpful to keep in mind how the forum functions and what you can do to make the experience pleasant for everybody!

  • Small posts are okay, but please keep it on topic and substantial for the topic itself. Avoid one-word posts!
  • Try to avoid double-posting and multi-posting. You can reply to multiple people in the same post, and you can edit your post if you have additional information. It's fine to multi-post in your own progress, multiplayer, or creative threads. Consistent multi-posting will be removed.
  • Spoiler your large images, especially if you have several images in one post
  • Keep your signatures short and accessible, i.e. no flashing gifs or very long paragraphs
  • Your posts should be visible and readable. Try not to have a bright color as the bulk of your text.
  • If the topic is not about a game suggestion or a bug report, it's better to make a new thread over replying to an inactive one. When posting in an old thread, be sure you are adding to the discussion.
  • If people are setting up a thread, give them time to reserve posts!

Warnings and Bans

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Now that you know the rules, we expect you to follow them to your best abilities! However, to keep the forums a safe and welcoming space, we have to respond to rule breaks. Please note that this list is subject to change over time. So you can know what happens if you break a rule, here is a summary:

  • If moderators tell you to stop doing something, stop and listen to them. Moderators will examine every situation, consider its context, and react accordingly. This means that you will not be warned if you post in the wrong topic on accident, but you will be if you do it deliberately to spam or disrupt others' threads.
  • If you break or deliberately ignore the rules, you will receive 1 warning. You can receive 3 warnings in total. The 4th warning you receive will be a ban.
  • You will always be notified by a moderator when you receive a warning, which will explain what you were warned for and why. Moderators' decisions are final. Please be respectful when discussing your warnings with moderators and keep your disputes out of the forums.
  • If you are banned, you may appeal your ban after 3 months by contacting us via email or reaching us through Reddit or Discord.
  • If you join with another account to evade your ban, the second account will be banned and your original ban will be extended.
  • You will be banned immediately regardless of prior warnings if you:
    • Spam forum-wide
    • Attempt to dox or make violent and disturbing threats/advances towards any individual
    • Post sexually explicit or disturbing content, regardless of medium
    • Use the forums to distribute pirated content

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who runs this place?

These are the official Stardew Valley forums, run by ConcernedApe LLC and community members. Make yourself at home!

When there is an issue on the forums, where do I go/who do I talk to?

If you think someone is breaking the rules, please select the "Report" option below the offending post or topic. The staff will get to it as soon as they can! Alternatively, online staff members will appear on the sidebar on the right. If you think something should be changed or improved upon on the forum itself, please feel free to make a topic or contribute to an existing topic in Forum Feedback.

Where do I find all the different ways to format my posts? How do I spoiler posts and reply to multiple people?

The forums use BBCode. You can see a full list of it here or in the "insert" (it looks like "...") button when you make a post!

When you want to talk about game spoilers, there are a few tags you can use:
Try out [spoiler]text here[/spoiler], [spoiler="give your spoiler a title!"]text here[/spoiler], or have your spoiler in the same line of text by using [ispoiler]text here[/ispoiler]!

Alternatively, if you're making a topic and you want to talk about spoilers off the bat, you can put a [SPOILERS] disclaimer in the thread title!

Replying to multiple people in the same post is easy. There is a 'reply' button below each post, which adds their message in the post box below. If you want to only quote a part of their post, you can highlight the text and a 'reply' option should appear. You can use either method on multiple posts without having to make more than one post yourself!

Can I change my username?

Unfortunately, you can't change it manually, but you can get your name changed. Please make a post in the Name Change Requests thread and we're happy to change it for you!

When is the next update for Stardew Valley coming out?

To keep up with current goings-on for Stardew Valley, be sure to follow ConcernedApe's Twitter. You can also see posts in ConcernedApe's Dev Blog and our News and Announcements forum.

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