What prefixes do you want for the mods tab and the modding category?

Magically Clueless

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When you upload a mod, what type of prefix do you want when you upload? As someone else's suggestion, "Aesthetic" or "Recolor" could be a choice, as well as specific types such as "PPJA", "SMAPI", "Content Patcher", etc.

Worth noting you can only choose one Prefix. We have no tagging system yet but it's something I can look into. (I can also make subcategories)

Similarly for the mods category, such as the Modding Discussion, what kind of prefixes would you want when you make a thread?


Potential discussion categories:
  • WIP (posting progress/looking for feedback on a mod)
  • Recommendations (posting your personal rec list or looking for recommendations for a specific type of mod, eg "what are everyone's favorite building mods" or "i want a mod that does X, does this exist?")
  • Resource (guides/tutorials, links to external stuff you've found useful when making mods like pixel art programs or text editors etc)
  • Coding (getting help making C#/SMAPI mods or discussing coding)
  • Maps (getting help with map modding, discussing modded maps)
  • Content Packs or JSON, something along those lines (getting help coding CP/JA/etc. mods)
  • Pixel Art (pixel art tutorials/resources, getting feedback on your pixel art for mods, discussing where to find open source pixels etc)
  • NPCs (it'd be awesome to have a section/tag/category/subforum to discuss making custom NPCs! we really need to consolidate resources for making them tbh)
  • Unofficial updates
  • Unofficial CP/JA conversions


Adding onto what corrin said, I already poked Pathos about how we're going to handle unofficials. Most likely he'll want to keep it in the same format we already have - one thread for all updates.

paradigm nomad

For mod specific ones like PPJA, is it possible to have those tags only able to be applied by certain users/staff? I don't want people tagging non-PPJA stuff as PPJA. These might be echoing some of what Corrin said but mod tags I would like:

  • WIP (Work in Progress)
  • Resource
  • CP
  • JA
  • TMXL (Possibly? Not sure how much TMXL is used currently)
  • PFM (Increasing in popularity since it is replacing CFR)
  • NPCs
Basically the more popular frameworks could get their own tags.

Magically Clueless

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Right now I think it would be unreasonable to expect moderators to mark every mod on their own, however you can absolutely report if something is mistagged and we can change it! There may be a better way we can manage this down the line, but for now everyone will be able to add their own prefixes