Theory time: Who keeps trying to steal your money when you pass out?


When you pass out, there is a chance that either harvey, marlon, or linus. If linus helps you, he says that he saw someone trying to steal your money, but who would try to steal your money. I think it couldn't have been any outsiders of the town because literally nobody goes to pelican town. So that leaves the main townsfolk, but who? I dont have a lot of suspects, but I think it's Pierre, though I may be biased.
Shadow people would try to kill you, and krobus isn't like that. The dwarf owns a shop, so he doesnt need the money. Linus takes food from trashcans, and if he stole money, otherwise he would simply buy it from Gus or pierre. I say it's a tourist.
The dwarf charges money for items in his shop so he IS interested in money. At the same time I don’t want it to be dwarf. I see him trying to help you get home instead since you are “not like other humans”.
Yeah but so is Krobus, he has a shop and is a shadow person most don't care for. And Gus, he is interested in money. Definitely Pierre. But I get what you mean. ;)

A Junimo

Linus is humble and doesn't want it, Krobus is misunderstood and is actually really nice, Lewis is bad-but not THAT bad, he is the mayor, after all; so I'm betting on Pierre, the Dwarf, or Shane.
Why the Dwarf?

Linus would never do that. I’d say Dwarf:
"I got all this stuff from the surface. I just take it from your people during the night. Hmm? What is this concept you call "private property"?
Exactly. It's not that he's a bad guy; he just doesn't get the whole "personal items" notion.

Why Pierre?
Pierre is sneaky, and craves money. That may make him sound really evil, but he's not-he's just a normal businessman, which is reflected in his dialogue. Sadly, all businessmen have to do a little dishonorable stuff to make ends meet, especially if you're in a small town AND competing with a hugely powerful rival; in Pierre's case, he takes all of the credit for YOUR work and YOUR money-whenever you sell good crops to him, the villagers all comment on how Pierre is such a "talented forager."
....Yeah, a forager for cash.

Why Shane?
Shane is shameless. When you build Pam a house, he's literally like-quoted directly from the wiki-“I heard you built Pam a house... That's really generous... You know, I could use a hundred thousand gold myself... *ahem* ...ah ...Just kidding. ...Heh.”
The guy is a drunk, and if he even knew what he was doing under the influence-or, more accurately, lack of-with that alcoholic head of his, he wouldn't hesitate to mooch off of other people's money-same goes for if he's ever (won't happen anytime soon,) sober.