The wizard says hello!

Jack Of Shades

I just now noticed I never introduced myself. I'm a rude dude. Lol

Hello folks! I'm Jack Of Shades, I tend to use this handle for YouTube, twitch and gaming in general. It's a long story on how the name came to be used. But anyway!

I'm a 3 to 4 year veteran of the game, first purchased this masterpiece on console. I believe it was playstation 4. And since then I have purchased it several more times [Android, xbox, for my girlfriend and pc]. I must say, it's by FAR one of my most favorite games to date. It has combined the beat features of titles such as Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, all while attaining it's own identify and charm, and still remaining original.

I've probably put AT LEAST 500+ hours into the game and I would never trade it for anything. On top of that fact, the community is THE MOST kind and non-toxic that I have ever witnessed. And that always brings me running home to Pelican Town. So I wanna say thank you to Eric Barone, and the community as a whole. It's rare that I put this much effort, and money, into a game that I fully enjoy and stand behind.

Anyway, after all that rambling on this amazing game, I'll just say hello! And glad to be here, sorry I didn't say more about myself. If you're at all curious, my about me says pretty much all you need to know. And If you're still interested, send me a message! I don't bite and I love talking to new folks!

As always have fun, and game responsibly!