Forest Farm Progress thread: Moonbeam Farm


So this is her farm in the second summer:


Still using sprinklers but the rule is she can only till clear gound, nothing with the little stones on it, for a less sqarey look :) No blueberries or tomatoes as they apparently don't come from mixed seed and she hasn't had any luck with the cart there, either. So the greenhouse might take forever....

She did ask Abby to go out with her though:


So pretty. I’d love to see the farm in fall too. I think I got 3 tomatoes one year from mixed seeds, so maybe your farmers just had bad luck. Course, I’ve been wrong before. Glad it’s going well with Abby.


Fall is almost over, so I'll double post:

Most of Blossoms harvest this fall was wheat, corn and sweet gem berries. Her mushroom forest is coming along nicely. The green coop is housing a little lizard, that will soon get company :) The egg was found on a prehistoric floor.


On the 20th day of fall, Blossom finally found the last dwarf scroll, so she can now buy bombs instead of making them herself. This really helped her on the 21th day of fall, where she made it to level 92 in the cavern, even though she had to go there by bus, and only had one spicy eel and no coffee or other luck boosting foods. Looks like it was a really really lucky day. She had found 2 prismatic shards previously, so she has the sword and donated one to Gunter.


Not a bad haul, though :)

There were two more very lucky days, and once she made it to floor sixty-something, and once to 106:

Linus has gotten used to sweeping the caverns at 2 am to look for Blossom. He is one of her best friends :)


Blossom had her fortune read at the fair, and decided to buy a mermaids pendant. The day she found the last dwarf scroll, she met Abby in the mine and they shared their first kiss. The unlucky day turned out to be quite lucky!

She hasn't given Abby the pendant yet. They will probably have a winter wedding, but Blossom doesn't have anything to wear...She's thinking of dressing in purple, as Abby will want to wear white.


Blossoms second winter is almost over.


Nothing much added since fall. The small cabin is used as a fishing hut, displaying Blossoms catches and to keep her fishing supplies.


She asked Abigail to marry her and of course, Abby agreed:


Blossom is wearing the Arcane Shirt and the Tiara, together with purple baggy pants.

After Abby moved in, Blossom redecorated the house. The nursery is still pretty bare, but it is not needed at the moment. The upstairs room is an adventure room, while the bedroom represents a starry night.


Blossom finally managed to get to the train station in time and saw a train full of presents: