Forest Farm Progress thread: Moonbeam Farm


I love watching other farmers progress, so I figured I'd make a progress thread of my new save :)

Blossom took the first chance she got to get out of the corporate rat race. As soon as her grandpa told her she could inherit his old farm, she decided to move out and live in harmony with nature.

This is her, ready for her first harvest:
first harvest.png

After a week of farming, her skills are starting to come up:


As Blossom wants to live close to nature, she will not buy seeds. She will forage and plant what she can find, but not buy seeds at Pierres. The cart lady is ok though, because she doesn't buy her stock, she only sells what she can find somewhere.

Blossom got lucky, the cart lady sold her some ancient seeds! She has planted two in front of her house now and is waiting for the harvest. Unfortunately, she couldn't afford the cherry sapling that the cart lady had in stock...

As it is not possible to keep things fresh, Blossom cannot stockpile her harvest. Anything that isn't used in the day will be sold at night. This includes flowers, vegetables, fruit and fish but not stone, building material or minerals. She is a minimalist though and tries to keep storage to one chest. And if she can't make it to the community center at night, she'll deliver stuff in the mornings.


I have a similar run going! I stocked up at the night market! Though, I did allow myself trellis plants from Pierre’s so I could complete the community center. Is Blossom going to be able to purchase seeds from the night market?


Yeah, I'm not sure about trellis seeds yet. They don't come from mixed seeds, right? I think I can get them from the seed maker, and the traveling cart had hops last Friday, so once I get a seed maker it's a bit easier.

Are night market seeds also from the cart lady? I think traveling merchants are alright, then.


Blossoms first summer is nearly over.

This is how her skills looked like at the beginning of summer:

She has sinced reached lvl 5 in farming, foraging and fishing.

Blossom invested in a Coop and has a brown and white chicken. The chicken are of course free range and can go whereever they please. Blossom is happy they haven't decided to lay their eggs outside!

Crops are still spread out, but the grass and debris in that area have been slowly removed. She plans on buying a barn next.

Blossom will talk to the villagers when she meets them, but she will not go out of her way to find them, or enter houses uninvited (with the exeption of the bar and shops), except if she wants to give them a birthday gift. There will be no gifts on other days either, maybe with the exception of finding something a villager likes and running into them immediately.

Blossom: *fishs a driftwood*
Leah: Oh, that has a really beautiful shape! I could use it in a sculpture!
Blossom: Here, take it :) Show me what you make of it!

That way, friendship is rising slowly, but she is making some progress at the end of summer. Shane just likes her cause she bought him a beer at his birthday.


Blossom managed to get all material required to fix the boiler room. After all, you can't renovate an old building without fixing the heating first. The foraging bundles are also getting progress, as does fishing. She is having some trouble getting the right crops from her natural seeds, so the greenhouse will have to wait.



Yeah, I'm not sure about trellis seeds yet. They don't come from mixed seeds, right? I think I can get them from the seed maker, and the traveling cart had hops last Friday, so once I get a seed maker it's a bit easier.

Are night market seeds also from the cart lady? I think traveling merchants are alright, then.
One of the boats in the night market sells seeds. The first night spring seeds, second night summer, third night fall seeds. It’s also where I buy statues. It’s definitely not Pierre. I’m looking forward to watching your progress.


Blossoms first autumn:

Blossom managed to build a barn and a stable. She has 2 chickens and 2 cows now, and finally managed to get mayonaise and cheese makers. Robin is working on her kitchen right now. Five of the pumpkins were gold star, so this is her first quality crop bundle donation. She was also lucky enough to get a mushroom tree!


She has been working hard to get a good display for the fair. Can you guess who she is trying to impress?
It's Abigail, of course - her adventurous ways seem a perfect fit for Blossoms love of forests and mines. She's been running into Blossom on her way to the forest and the mountains quite frequently. Blossom thinks that might mean something ;)

(sorry for the cursor - didn't see that when snipping)
Fair Display.PNG

She won, and a bit of gambling enabled her to get her first star drop.


Her skills are getting along very well, although she hardly had any time to go fishing in fall. The blackberry harvest kept her busy and was a lot better than the salmonberry harvest in spring. She also had to get enough hardwood for the stable and clear some pathes on the farm, as she couldn't move anymore. She's reached level 80 in the mines, but has failed in going further. Maybe a wood mallet is not the perfect weapon for a stronger enemy ;) Linus saved her from the shadow people once, and she is very thankful he came for her.


She is getting to know the townspeople as well. Especially Abigail seems to show up whereever Blossom goes. She gave her an amethyst for her birthday to match her haircolor.


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Blossom has survived her first winter on the farm. As she had only needed one last forage item to complete the bundle, she quickly found it the first day and was able to plant the winter seeds she got in return.

This is her last winter harvest:

She has spent some time laying paths on the farm, as the spreading trees inhibited her from going anywhere and it had gotten annoying to always have to carry an axe.
She had Robin built a shed for a workbench, furnaces, charcoal oven and the recycling machines. For now, a keg and three preserves jars are also in there, but she would like to separate food production in a different shed for hygienic reasons. By now, her coop is full with two chickens and lots of ducks, which were hatched on the farm. She will have to get the stone to upgrade it soon.

She has spent some time mining and reached level 100. Things got a little easier when she found an obsidican edge in the mines. That wooden mallet she had used before sure was getting to weak to deal with shadow people and flying skulls! She has found out some of the secrets of the valley, too.


She had a lot of time to fulfil peoples requests for help, and to talk to people, so she is gaining the friendship of the townsfolk!


She was able to complete two bundles in the community center.



Spring year 2:

Blossom managed to craft some sprinklers and dedicated an area to farming in the lower left corner of her farm. Close to the lake, because sprinklers do need a water source. She planted two ancient seeds and one coffee plant close to her house.

After a couple of days, she noticed the cows getting stuck behind the greenhouse, and the chickens being to lazy to actually reach the grass, so she restructured the farm, making an enclosure. This means she will move her fields in summer. It's a bit to orderly for her taste, anyway. Since the chicken somehow were a lot less lazy and she was scared of them getting lost in the lower right forest, she had to fence the area off.


She managed to get a dance at the flower dance, and the day after, Abby invited her to come to her bedroom at night. Blossom wonders what will happen that night...somehow she was never around town at that time.

flower dance.png

She is considered a good friend by many of the townsfolk by now. Haley was the first at 8 hearts (on her birthday), and Linus easily got to 10. Not surprising, considering he also prefers the foraging lifestyle! On the last day of spring, she got two invitations in the mail, for Leahs art show and Emilys clothing therapy.


Her skills have been improving slowly, and and the end of spring, she finally gained access to a seedmaker.


The upper shed is here work shed, that was formerly located down left:

Work Shed.png

The shed in the animal enclosure is used for food production (and clothes):

Food Shed.png

She has also reached the bottom of the mine and found a strange key. This lead her to a cavern in the desert. The trip endet in Harvey's clinic, as was maybe predictable. She did reach somewhere around level 30 before being swarmed by flying snakes, which got her while she was running away. It would have taken only a couple more steps to get to safety...At least, Marlon found her bombs. She hasn't found all the dwarf scrolls yet, so crafting them is an effort. The other items she lost were a secret note and some gems, so nothing to bad.

First trip to SC.png
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