Please help a new player


I dont understand how to do anything with this game. It isn't intuitive at all. I dont understand how to take tools or use them. I get stuck on this screen and can't do anything. How do I grab tools and use them? I am playing on a Switch and none of the buttons do anything. I have never played a game like this. What are the mechanics of the game? The only thing I can find online is tips and tricks but not how to play. Please help me from step 1.



I don't play on the switch, so I can't help you with the details.
Can you select the controller symbol in the menu you are stuck in? That would let you see and change your controls.
Maybe add 'switch' to the post title so people can see that is where your problem is. And state that there is a problem with the controls.

I had problems with the controls on PC as well - the first morning I couldn't get out of bed or open a menu at all. WASD is not really intuitive when you're playing on a laptop without a real mouse. But once I changed them, and figured out you can move most things when hitting them with a tool, the game becomes easier :)


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That screen you're on is your inventory. It lets you organize the tools and items on hand, but you can't use anything from that screen. Instead, if you close out of it (by pressing B), you'll see the top row of your inventory at the bottom of the screen. One item will be selected at a time, which means you are holding it. You can press Y to use whatever you're holding at that moment. To select something else, use your top bumper buttons to move the selection left or right along that row of inventory.

I hope that helps, if you have any other questions please ask!