Larger mod size


From what I've heard the mod size limit right now is 2MB. Would it be possible to increase that to maybe 5 or 10? Mods with a lot of images (such as recolors, or one of my mods, Magic) can easily pass that limit.

A few examples:
Magic (3.5 MB, so far)
Eemie's recolor (2.5 MB)
Starblue (7.1 MB)

SVE is another large mod, but it's... 60 MB? :P


There's absolutely no way most Custom Music mods could be hosted here--those are.... large. I've seen packs that are ~800MB. I don't think we need support for mods that large, but definitely 10 MB would be great at least. It would also be good to have a message or several about the size limit when uploading a new mod, and a big old "if your mod is bigger than xyz, upload it somewhere else and link here" disclaimer.

Magically Clueless

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the size limit has been increased to 20MB for now, we'll feel that out and see how it goes!
how common are mods above 20MB? that might help us gauge some things