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i'm doing this thingy, the
thing? it has a gap for each month
yearly art summary
and i've been wanting to put whatever i did digitally each month but i haven't done any digital art so far this month '='

still been colouring with crayons tho



im gonna draw
fanart more this year! also i have this pack of loose paper so im going to see how long it takes to get through that - 500 sheets
did Two sheets on day one, one sheet on day two

here be
some of that
Sakura from Naruto bc i love Sakura

and my OC, Rebecca

feel free 2 suggest characters for me 2 draw bc i have a lot of drawing to do! and and and and
i want penpals so if we're, like, friends through SDV discord server or whateve i'd lov 2 exchange addresses so we can send doodles back and forth!
let me send u
squid train

Magically Clueless

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aww they look great! i love how vibrant sakura's outfit is, and your oc looks very lovely! good luck on filling the pack of paper :D

hmmmmmmmm on naruto, how do you feel about hinata? she would be really cute in your style i think
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