Four Corners Farm Jack Of Shade's Farm: Trium!

Before I get this ole thing started just wanted to say this: I'm going to do something a little different on this topic.

I'm going to begin my map and post updates as I go! If that's a no no here, I don't mind wherever it's moved. I figure whether its a veteran map, or new one, you can post here!
So without further ado, let's begin!
۞Farm name: Trium Farm
۞Farmer name: JackOfShades (Couldn't fit it all lol)
۞Favorite thing: Magic!
۞Year two, day 14 SUMMER!
۞Community center will be rebuilt on this map {5 of 6 rooms completed}
۞Four Corners Map
۞German Shepard style dog
۞Aiming to design this map as if a wizard ran it.
۞New Section: Tree farm{almost finished planting}, Fishing pond section {9 ponds currently} and Mage Garden. House upgraded and Silo finished!

۞Farming: Level 10/Tiller, Artisan
۞Mining: Level 10/Geologist, Gemologist
۞Foraging: Level 9/Gatherer
۞Fishing: Level 10/Fisher, Angler
۞Combat: Level 10/Scout, Desperado

Love Interest:
Emily {WIFE}
Hearts: 14 :heart:

More added as I attack this map!

Well folks, that's all I have for now. I plan to add photos and show off what I've done. Might be a little slow to update, due to working through out the week. However, I'll definitely try to remain consistent! Wish me luck!
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OKAY! Update time, it's the Egg Festival today, so definitely getting Strawberries!
I have cleared the second quadrant of the farm, began work on the lower left quadrant.
My plots are reserved for Parsnips on the left, and the right will be where my new Strawberries will go!
I plan on using the left side as a possible tree farm for oak resin, pine tar and maple syrup.
The lower left quadrant will become my fishing pond area, and perhaps another addition.

Hey there folks! I'm going to be updating this today, and streaming the map as well! If you're interested my Twitch name is: Jack0fShades

Hope to see you there!
Finally cleared everything off, now I can work on each section and maintain the look!


Here we can see how far my skills have come. Combat is the lowest right now due to the underwhelming weapons I tend to find. lol


And of course, Jack's love interest! Emily takes the cake on a woman who could potentially fit Jack's magic life style.



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I'm surprised you don't have more foraging levels after clearing the entire farm! I guess some of that counts for mining though


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Sorry for the lack of updates! I have a new update for my farm, I've added more to my garden section, the tree farm is coming along nicely, and I've began work on my fish pond area!
That's quite the tree farm setup! How long will you keep that section like that?
That's quite the tree farm setup! How long will you keep that section like that?
Probably for another year or so. To gather up enough oak resin, pine tar and maple syrup to tide me over. Mostly the oak resin. I found my ancient seed so I can have my small wine operation. Lol
I usually buy weapons from the adventurer’s guild when my weapons become obsolete
I haven't updated since then, but I typically do too. IF, I haven't stumbled on one. Fortunately, this playthrough has been lucky. Normally I fish a lot so I tend to find Neptune's glaive, which helps me dramatically. The obsidian edge was a nice gift, but I wish I would've stumbled on something sooner. Thankfully I own the galaxy sword now. I should probably post my stats after work today.
Little update on the skills!
Most of them are above level 5 now.

Obviously I maxed out fishing asap.

And here we see how well I am doing with Emily... not so well.

Okay, so next up I have unlocked the bus and the mine carts.

As you can see, I have completed the mines in it's entirety.

And last, but not least, we have the Community Center! I am half way done, but in reality - I'm further than that.
I have the Pantry and the play room nearly finished. So I would only have the Bulletin board left by winter.