If your character was an NPC...


What would your farmer's "stats" be if they were an NPC? I'll go first:

Name: Faylin
Favorite gifts: Green Tea, Emerald, Cookies, Strawberry, Survival Burger, Chocolate Cake, Frozen Tear, Fairy Stone, Fairy Rose
Friends: Abigail, Sam, Penny, Alex, Maru, Leah
Spouse: Sebastian
Lives in: Cindersap Forest
Address: Faylin's Cottage
Birthday: Spring 4
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Name: Rose
Favorite gifts: cherry, blob fish, bombs, star shards, maki rolls, spicy eel, fairy Rose, blue jazz
Dislikes: parsnips, goat milk, horseradish, Pierre
Relationships: Elliot (husband), Aurora, Aster (kids)
Friends: George, Evelyn, Penny, Sebastian, Kent
Lives in: mountains
Address: Fairytale Farm
Birthday: Autumn 1


Name: Gracie
Favorite gifts: Any kind of tea, Aquamarine, omelet, sashimi, maki roll, strawberry
Dislikes: eggplant, pizza, trout soup
Relationships: Sam - boyfriend
Friends: Sam, Sebastian, Robin, Willy -Jas and Vincent(not really friends, but my farmer likes talking with them)
Lives in: Near mountains
Address: Starbrite Farm
Birthday: Winter 26


Favorite gifts: Cookies :cookie:, Prismatic Shard (Ooh la la, shinyyy), Strawberry, Tom Kha Soup, Sunflower, Diamond, Fairy Rose and Honey
Dislikes: Slime, Green Algae, Algae Soup, Slimejack, Kale, Void Egg Mayonnaise
Friends: Sam:sam:, Evelyn:evelyn:, Caroline:caroline:, Clint:clint:, Elliot:elliott:, Harvey:harvey:, Linus :linus:
Frenemies: Haley:haley:, Jas:jas: (I'm trying to be friends with you, SAY SOMETHING!), and Morris :morris:
Lives in: Near the Bus Stop, above Cindersap Forest :goldstar:
Address: Daisy Farm :spring:
Birthday: Summer 15 :sun:
Husband: Shane :heart::shane:
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Lew Zealand

Name: Bobbi
Favorite gifts: Coffee, Egg, Fried Egg, Emerald, Bomb, Strawberry, Battery, Iridium Bar, Trilobite, Chicken Statue
Dislikes: Rusty Spoon, Glass Shards, Eggplant, Rice, JotPK
Friends: Penny, Abigail, Sam, Shane, Maru, Elliot, Willy, Krobus, Squirrels
Lives at: Flim Flam Flat, occasionally Sewers
Address: 3 River Road, occasionally 10m below 3 River Road
Birthday: Spring 23


Name: Jeff
Fav Gifts: Coffee, Tea, Quartz, Pizza, Autumn’s Bounty, Honey, Pumpkin
Dislikes: Eggplant, Kale, Goat Milk, Carp Surprise
Friends: Abigail, Sebastian, Sam, Leah, Sandy, Emily, Gus, Linus
Lives at: Hope Ranch
Birthday: Summer 3
Spouse: Caroline (one day)


Name: Sigrah
Profession: Farmer / Fighter (Brute)
Birthday: Winter 27
Address: Ravenwood Manor
Relationship: Penny (wife)
Friends: Abigail, Maru, Marlon
Enemies: Alex, Haley, Morris
Favorite Gifts: Gemstones, Metal Bars, Diet Joja Cola, Complete Breakfast, Solar Essence, Void Essence, Artifacts.
Hated Gifts: All Fish, All Vegetables, All Alcohols.


Name: Hash
Favorite gifts: coffee, triple shot espresso, battery pack
Dislikes: milk (all kinds), cheese, prismatic shard
Friends: Penny, Maru, Harvey
Lives in: Mountains
Address: 20 Mountain Road
Birthday: Summer 25

Character Background: I’m the “tech” guy of the town. You can go to me for greenhouse upgrades. I like coffee cause I always stay late at night and batteries for my inventions. I don’t like dairy because I’m lactose intolerant and I’m not amused with prismatic shards because they are too supernatural/mystic for a science guy like me. Lastly, I’m head over heels in love for Penny. 😍

Ray of Hope

Name : Ray
Loved Gifts : All Milk, Cheese, Squid, Honey, Ice Cream, Pizza, Fried Calamari, Star Shards, Rainbow Shells.
Liked Gifts : Sugar, Pancakes, Dish o' the Sea, All Minerals except Star Shards, All Fish except Squid and Shrimp, All Fossils.
Disliked Gifts : Shrimp, Shrimp Cocktail, Cauliflower, Bok Choi, Kale, Chocolate Cake, Salad, Green Tea,
Hated Gifts : Coffee, Triple Shot Espresso, Pepper Poppers, Hot Pepper, Caviar, All Alcohols.
Friends : Leah, Penny, Sam, Wizard, Willy.
Lives In : The Beach, built a house at Tide Pools Pier.
Birthday : Winter 9.

I just LOVE Ocean so much. And Leah.


Name: THIEF (subtle hint to links awakening [not the remake tho])
Loved gifts: Skull key, chocolate cake, pizza, cookies, prismatic shard
Liked gifts: “Thanks!” Pancakes
Neutral gifts: “Oh, it’s for me? Thanks.” Cauliflower
Disliked gifts: “Um, thanks?” yam, cabbage, salad, cheese
Hated gifts: “Don’t ever give me this again!” Fish, Tea, tea leaves, coffee, triple shot expresso, everything spicy, all alcohol, bok Choi, kale, salad
Relationships: Friends with abagail
Birthday: fall 20
Lives: pelican town
Yes this is very incomplete
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