If Gus Became a Marriage Candidate (Very long post)


I always thought Gus would be a nice marriage candidate to add to the game. He’s friendly and has many great qualities about him. If he were to be added to the roster of marriage candidates, this is how I imagine his heart events would go. This will be a very long post and I hope I wrote it well enough for you all to follow along without confusion.

2 hearts:

Player enters the saloon at any time past 12:00 pm.

Gus is standing behind the bar, motionless and looking deep in thought, the player approaches the counter.

Gus: Oh, hi (player name) how are you?

The player notices Gus looked a bit sad. The player can choose what to say next.

  • Are you ok?

Gus: I’m alright, just, thinking.​

  • I’m doing fine, what about yourself?”

Gus: I’m ok, just been thinking a lot lately​

Gus will continue speaking after he replies to the player’s question.

Gus: You know I love my job and what I do for the people here. I get to make people smile and hear wonderful stories about people’s lives, I know everyone here.

Gus: It’s just, I thought I’d have made it “further” by this time. I’ve owned the saloon for many years. I figured the saloon and myself would be more recognized by now.

Gus: I’ve been thinking there has to be some way to really get the saloon put on the map but I’m not sure how.

The player gets the ! icon above their head.

Gus: A buffet party? That's a fantastic idea! I could prepare a huge feast right in the Town Square!

Gus: But how will we tell people about it?

The player can choose what to say next.

  • “Make fliers and give them out.”

Gus: Fliers? Great idea!​

  • “Make a short commercial.”

Gus: Commercial? Great idea!​

Gus: I’m going to speak to Mayor Lewis about this at once, maybe he can find some money in the town budget to help with the party. Thank you so much (player name)!

4 hearts:

Enter the saloon after 12:00 pm

Gus is working a calculator and a notepad at one of the tables. The player approaches him.

Gus: Cost of the food plus the cost of beverages, plus the cost of advertisement equals to- Oh, hi (player name), didn’t see you come in.

Gus: I spoke to Lewis and he agreed to give me some funding for the party, I’ve just been looking over the costs.

Gus: The food and time of the event has been settled, I now need to focus on getting the word out.

If the player chose the Fliers option:

Gus: We need to make the fliers now, but I don’t know who to talk to about that. Do you know anyone who can help us?

  • Sebastian. He can make fliers on his computer and print them out.

Gus: Wonderful, let's go speak to him!​

The screen goes black and Gus and the player are in Sebastian’s room.

Sebastian: Make fliers? Sure, I guess I could. But, I can’t do this for free, plus, printer ink isn’t cheap.

Gus: Of course, I promise you will be fully compensated for your work, Sebastian.

Sebastian: Ok, lets get to it then.

Sebastian walks to his computer and sits down. Gus stands next to him.

Sebastian: Ok, Gus, tell me what you want.

Gus: I’m thinking the saloon can be in the middle and the place and time can be at the bottom....

The screen goes black and the cutscene ends, the player will be outside Sebastian’s room.

  • Leah. She’s a great artist and could draw some for us.

Gus: Wonderful, lets go speak to her!​

The screen goes black and the player and Gus are in Leah’s cottage.

Leah: Draw some fliers? Sure! I’d love for my art to help the saloon’s big event!

Gus: Thank you, Leah, and I promise I’ll make sure you are paid well for your time and using your personal art supplies.

Leah pulls out her drawing book.

Leah: Let's start sketching some ideas.

Gus stands next to her.

Gus: I’m thinking the saloon could be over on the right and the time and place could be over on the left…

Leah begins drawing and the cutscene ends, the player is outside Leah’s cabin.

If the player chose the Commercial option.

Gus: We need to make the commercial now. I remember Shane talking about making a Joja commercial with his video camera, lets go ask him.

Screen goes black and Gus and the player are in Shane’s room.

Shane: You want me to help you make a commercial for the saloon? Eh, why not, I have nothing better to do. I… get paid for this right?

Gus: Of course, Shane, you’ll be paid for your time.

Shane: Alright, let's get to it then. Clock starts now.

Shane picks up his camera and heads out his bedroom door, Gus quickly follows him.

Cutscene ends and the player is outside Shane’s room.

6 hearts:

Enter the Saloon at 12:00 pm or after.

Gus is standing at a table and notices you come in.

Gus: (Player name)! You came in at just the right time!

If the player chose Fliers:

Gus: The fliers for the saloon are finished! Take a look!

The player will get an up-close view of the flier. If the player chose Sebastian, the flier will have a photograph of the saloon and Gus standing in front of it. If the player chose Leah, the flier will be hand-drawn with intricate patterns around the border.

Gus: They come out wonderfully didn’t they?

Gus: I need to ask a favor of you (player name) I’m still busy getting things ready here, could you please go to Zuzu City and hand these out?

The player can choose how to respond.

  • Sure, I’d be happy to.” +50 friendship points

Gus: Thank you, (player name). You’ve been such a great help!​

  • Sounds like a long trip…No effect on friendship

Gus: I know but it’s crucial we let people know about the saloon’s big party, we’ve already done so much to quit now. It would mean a lot.​

  • Do it yourself.-100 friendship points

Gus: You know what, fine. I will.​

If the last option is chosen, the cutscene ends there.

If either of the first 2 options are chosen, the event will play out like this.

Gus: I just need you to hand them out to whoever you see at the Zuzu City bus station and tell them to tell everyone they know.

The screen goes black and the sound of a bus parking is heard. The player is now at the ZuZu City bus station.

The bus station will be a large building with 4 buses sitting outside behind the one Pam drives. The player will go into the bus station, interact with all 6 people present and place 4 fliers on the bus station walls. We see some familiar faces, like the mom and child from the fair, the emo girl with black clothes and purple hair, the guy dressed in red we see at the movie theatre, the tourist guy with big sunglasses, Famous Painter Lupini, and more. People will give dialogue like “A buffet dinner? Sounds good!” “A dinner party in Pelican Town? How Marvelous!” “I’d never turn down a buffet, you can count on me being there!”

When the fliers are finished being distributed, the player can run back to Pam’s bus to head home.

The screen cuts to black and the cutscene ends with the player is back at the bus stop.

If the player choose Commercial:

Gus: I was just about to head over to Marnie’s Ranch. Shane finished editing the commercial and is ready to show it. Why don’t you come with me?

The screen goes black and Gus and the player are in Shane’s room.

Shane: Well, it took me all night and 4 cups of coffee but I got it done.

Gus: I hope the angles we chose didn’t make my nose look too big…

Shane: Shhh, its starting!

Shane turns on his TV and a small picture of Gus and the saloon appears on screen.

Hello there, friends, my name is Gus (possible last name reveal?)! Chef and Owner of the Stardrop Saloon! I’d like to invite you to be my guest at the Stardrop Saloon’s first ever special buffet party! The party will begin at 6 PM in the Town Square of Pelican Town. Admission is only 50g and all food and beverages are included. I can’t wait to welcome you to our town and to the best buffet you’ll ever have!"

The TV turns off and Shane turns around.

Shane: Well, what do you think?

Gus: It was great. Exactly how I had hoped it would turn out. What do you think (player name)?

The player can choose what to say

  • It was perfect!+100 friend points

Gus: Excellent work Shane, I really owe you for this.​
Shane: Now let's mail it to the channel 3 people and let them air it.​

  • NiceNo effect on friendship

Gus: Excellent work Shane, I really owe you for this.​
Shane: Now let's mail it to the channel 3 people and let them air it.​

  • Gus’ nose did actually look really big-100 friendship points

Shane: …​
Gus: Rude.​

Gus: Anyway, excellent work on the commercial, Shane.

Shane: I’ll mail it to the channel 3 people now and let them air it.

8 hearts:

The player will receive a letter from Gus in the mail.

“(player name), I’ve got some wonderful news, I just got a phone call from Zuzu City, a bus full of people will be arriving at 6 pm tonight for the Saloon’s big event. And that’s not all, the ZuZu City News wants to do a segment on it! I hope to see you tonight!

When the player enters the bus stop at 6 pm, Gus will be there.

Gus: Hi (player name) I’m just waiting for the guests to arrive. Should be any minute.

Gus: I wanted to say thanks for everything, for the idea for the buffet, for the idea of making (what advertisement method was chosen).

Gus: If this buffet party is successful, it will be because of you.

The player gets the :3 emoji over their head.

A bus along with a news van pulls up and parks in front of them. The screen goes black for a second and when it comes back, all the people from the station, including new people will be standing outside the bus.

Gus: Welcome everyone! I hope your trip was comfortable! Please follow me!

Gus and the player begin walking away from the bus.

Screen cuts to black and we are now at the Town Square. There are many large tables covered in food dishes surrounded by residents and visitors alike.

Gus and the player are standing in front of the Saloon, a news reporter stands in front of a cameraman.

News Reporter: "This is Heather McLane of ZC5 News coming to you live from Pelican Town where I am with the owner and the man behind this event, Gus."

News Reporter: "Gus, would you like to say a few words about how you came up with the idea for this event?"

Gus: I wish I could say this was all me, but I can’t.

Gus: The truth is, this was all my good friend (player name)’s idea.

Gus: He/She was the one who came up with the idea for a buffet party and to create the Fliers/Commercial that told everyone about it.

Gus: All I did was cook the food.

News Reporter: "I see! Mr./Ms (player name), would you like to say a few words about how you came up with the idea for this event?"

The player gets a sweat emoji over their head, nervous about speaking in front of a news camera to millions of people.

The cutscene ends and the player is at the bus stop.

10 hearts:

The player receives a letter from Gus in the mail.

“Hello (player name) I would like to invite you to dinner tonight at the Saloon. Come by at 8 pm if you’re interested.”

When the player enters the saloon after 8 pm, they will enter the special back room. Gus will be there, standing next to a table with a very nice dinner prepared.

Gus: So glad you could make it. Please, have a seat.

Gus pulls out the chair for the player to sit down, he then sits down at the opposite end of the table.

Gus: I hope you like pasta, it’s sort of my specialty.

Gus: I wanted to make you dinner as a way of saying “Thank you” for everything. The Saloon is seeing more people and money than I could have ever hoped for.

Gus: But, this isn't just about the party. I have something I wanted to tell you.

Gus: With all the time we spent together preparing the event, I realized that I like you more than just a friend.

Gus: I know I’m not exactly young, but I promise I still have plenty of love to give, if you’d give me the chance. What do you say, (player name)?

The player can choose what to say.

  • Yes.

Gus grins widely.
Gus: I’ll do everything I can to make you as happy as possible.​

Gus and the player begin eating.

The cutscene ends.

  • I’m sorry, no.

Gus: I understand…​
Gus pauses for a second.
Gus: I don't think I’m hungry anymore…​

The cutscene ends

If the player marries Gus, he will be like most other spouses. Some mornings he will give the player coffee or a breakfast item like pancakes, hashbrowns or an omelette.

Gus will still work at the saloon each day and will leave at noon. Sometimes if the player talks to Gus before he leaves at noon to go to the saloon, he will tell the player “I made you some lunch before I head to the saloon” and will give a random item of food. From Monday to Thursday, Gus will leave the saloon at 10 pm and will arrive home by 11 pm. From Friday to Sunday when the saloon is busier, Gus will stay at the saloon until midnight.

So, that's my insanely long idea for how Gus' story could go if he were to ever become a marriage candidate.
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Ah, I love it! I've sorta been pining for a few of the older bachelors myself (Clint mostly, but Gus is a close second), and this sounds great for a Gus romance path. He's been in need of a little more personality lol. This was well done.


Ah, I love it! I've sorta been pining for a few of the older bachelors myself (Clint mostly, but Gus is a close second), and this sounds great for a Gus romance path. He's been in need of a little more personality lol. This was well done.
The one I want most is Gunther, even though we can't interact with him I still have this weird "crush" on him. He's insanely smart and educated, loves artifacts and minerals (as do I) and he reminds me allot of my best friend. Same hair, same facial hair, same grin. I guess comparing him to my best friend is a bit weird but that's one of the big reasons I like him so much.