Android [HELP] Help me transfer my game


I cannot seem to transfer my game to my new device. I previously had an Android and I currently have a OnePlus 5 I used OnePlus to switch everything over and it indeed placed the app on my new phone but when I open it, it says there are no saved games. So I sent all the data from my old phone to the new phone via Bluetooth and it was received but stardew cannot seem to access it. So I made all the info a zip file and sent it to the new phone and I still can't access the save data for my game. 😭 Help me cuz I want my game back. I have a huge house and kids. I don't wanna start over again 😭


Staff member
If you still have you old device, I believe you can find your saves on Android at storage/emulated/0/StardewValley, from there you just need to move the files via a cloud service of your choice.