PC [HELP] 4k resolution problem!


hi, i ran itno a problem when running the game in 4k resolution (my monitor support that), the game scale out and all of the buttoms sprites and elements shrink, using the zoom buttom only zoom by a little bit, i think it might be a problem with my pc settings but im not sure which one, i looked online and found no luck, help!


Staff member
The zoom just changes how much of the game world is shown on your screen. Unfortunately I'm not sure there are settings to adjust UI size. Can you share a screenshot of how the game looks?



There's an issue on MacOS Catalina when you try to change to Fullscreen, at least on my resolution (4096x2304).

I play the game on an iMac 4K 21.5". Before I installed Catalina, everything was working just fine. Every time I open the game, I have to go to Settings, and ajust the game to Fullscreen, my resolution is 4096x2304. But after I installed Catalina, every time I change to Fullscreen, boom, it ****s up the whole thing. The game is seen only half screen and I can't even click any more options and have to quit the game.