Greetings fellow farmers

Cue Ball

Hello everyone, I'm Cue Ball!

I've been playing Stardew Valley since May 2016 and finally decided I wanted to join the community.
I love playing Stardew and I like to program as a side hobby. I'm interested in maybe making a mod for Stardew but I have no idea how to implement mods within the file as I'm not too familiar with C# (but I do know Java and C++).

Regardless, I'm happy to join the online forums.


Welcome! I'm sure that the people over in the Modding section would love to see some of your ideas and could give advice. I've tried to learn codding but its way above my skill level :P

Magically Clueless

Staff member
Hey, welcome! The modding community is pretty great so people would be happy to help you out. I'm a bit newer to the modding scene myself and people have been really kind and point me in the right direction


Welcome! I'm new to modding myself, and I don't know the first thing about C+, so you're one up on me! (I'm bumbling through trying to make an NPC- I'm still doing his sprite right now lol)