Graphic to indicate kegs, preserves jars, and casks are processing


Like many mid- to late-game players, I have bunches of processing machines (kegs, preserves jars, casks) to convert and age my crops. In a shed (or barn, or quarry, or tunnel, or...) full of kegs, though, sometimes I miss filling one or a few. Yes, you can take a bit of time to check to see that they're all "breathing", but I would prefer if there was an easier way to see if any are empty.

The casks indicate the star level (silver/gold/iridium) of the item within, but don't have an indicator (other than it "breathing") if a non-starred item is within. Also, the star is on the side of the cask, so if you have another cask in the tile in front, the star would be blocked from view.

I'd like to have an indicator that can be seen on the top of the casks, kegs, and jars. It could be as simple as a different shade or an indicator dot. Or, it could be a mini graphic of the item placed inside - hops, bottle of wine, starfruit, etc.
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This would be helpful! I definitely end up missing one or two kegs every so often.