Issue game stuck saving under certain circumstance.


OK as title says my game gets stuck(stuck not frozen I can still click my curser all I want but nothing I do has any effect.) first it is modded. When ever I go to sleep and there is a Bee House on my map it works as you would expect but after the sails for the day are tallied up the saving screen simply stays up no change after that appears the little dots after the word saving still appear & disappear but evan after 30 minuets it is still on screen (I know it was 30 minuets because I left home IRL went to the bank got my grosherys, came home and put them away but no change)

hear is a quick TLDR

1. Game is modded.
2. Game dose not freeze but also dose not advance past save screen no "app stoped responding" or anything
3. Only happens when I a bee house is placed on map. if i place it but pick it up befor bed i am good and can start the next day.
Finny the SAMPI error log