Question Game not detected by Twitch Launcher


I wanted to try some mods for the pc version of the game, and saw that Twitch has support for mod packs. But for some reason, the platform doesn't detect my game. I've bought it on Steam, so there should be no problems. I tried with both the automatic and the manual scans but none worked. Any idea why?


I don't really know anyone that's successfully using Twitch for mods, and there's hardly anything on Curse. Hopefully someone can help you with your question, but I'd personally just install SMAPI using the installer and install mods by dropping them in the Mods folder. If you still really want a mod manager, there are probably more people using ModDrop or Vortex. (SMAPI handles things like load order, and it's possible to have multiple Mods folder shortcuts if needed, so the reasons most people want a manager are not as important for Stardew.)