Favorite Layouts?

What are your favorite layouts? Rank them from 1 to 5! (best to worst) Also, tell us why!
Here’s my ranking:
1. Riverland Farm
Fishing is one of my favorite things to do, and I love no having to clear an absurd amount of space every time.

2. Four Corners Farm
I love how this incorporates everything into one farm! However, I don’t like the position of the Cave so that’s why this is #2.

3. Hilltop Farm
I love mining also, and I don’t farm a lot, my farm is usually full of Coops and Barns so this layout is fine for me!

4. Forest Farm
This layout is ok, since I like to focus on Foraging a lot. I find that high foraging skill can be really useful. However, there’s just too many trees!

5. Wilderness Farm
Usually I head back to my farm with low health and just a few minutes to spare, and the Wilderness Golems can be a real pain. Also, it’s just like a standard farm besides the monsters, and takes a long time to clear.

6. Standard Farm
This farm is just so... boring. Fine for first play through, then the constant clearing of the land gets boring and repetitive.


I’ve only ever played Forest Farm but it does take time to clear the trees and weeds for space to farm. The Hilltop farm I’m going to try on my next play through.


I have only two saves and I find it interesting that my order of favorites is the opposite of the OP. I had the river farm first but found it frustrating when I figured out what kind of farm I wanted to have. After looking at a ton of pics of farms, I found one I loved the layout. Turned out it was the standard farm. So my second save is standard. I have very little clearing to do as I am using much of the land for buildings and things. I've purchased all of the other expensive items in game and am saving towards the item that will keep my land clear from now on. It's a work in progress but I'm happy with how it's coming along.



My list:
1. Forest. You may not like trees, but if you've checked out my progress thread, I FREAKING LOVE TREES. Yes, I am trying to cut down on them, though. The layout itself is very interesting and full of character, and I love hanging out in forests irl.
2. Riverland Farm: The general layout of it is VERY aesthetic, and the farm has a lot of character, too. I do enjoy having a "fishing account" where I've got a special OC and her primary income is fish. (Her name's Layla, I should draw her sometime)
3. Standard Farm. While it's a little bland at first, there are some things you can do to make it seem more interesting, which brings us to the pro: It's like a blank canvas, just waiting to be painted on. (I sound like Elliott)
4. Four corners farm: While it's great that it's like a mixture of all the farm maps, it feels... too... organized for me. Even the Standard Farm has some things like off-centers ponds, a jut in the side, but idk, I don't really like linear farm maps.
5. Hilltop Farm: While I do like a lot of character, the Hilltop farm is WAAAAY too chaotic for me. There's barely any space to put all your animals, and it's just a lot harder to work with in general.
6. Wilderness Farm: The Layout is great, and there's a lot of creative things you could do with it... it's the monsters for me. They're an extreme nuisance. Me and my friend have a multiplayer account on a Wilderness Farm, and as soon as the clock strikes 8:00, we make a run for our cabins.

Please excuse the loooong post. Hope you have a great day!


Now... me? I've played 4 saves. My first was 4 Corners, solo, mostly because I was intrigued by this "designed for multi" idea. The second save was the same, mostly because I no longer had the first save (new computer) and wanted to do a "re-do" and do it better. The third? The wife (who had been playing since before I started, her first a riverland farm) and I started a multi farm... and we went with 4 Corners again, mostly because we didn't want to do standard and because of the space and convenience. The fourth save, another multi, we're starting up a forest farm. I'll keep y'all updated.


Hmm, I only have 3 saves that are mine so I’m not sure I’m qualified to rank them. But when has lack of knowledge stopped Americans from spewing their opinions?

1. Wilderness farm. My first real farmer, Rose, chose the wilderness farm. It ended up having the right combination of arable land and aesthetics. Plus the Monsters fit with fairytale story I had made up for her.
2. Forest Farm. It’s really pretty and I enjoy foraging but there is not enough farming space. My second farmer tried to set up a pumpkin patch and corn maze and there just wasn’t enough room to make the maze satisfying.
3 Standard Farm. My 3rd farmer chose this (sense a pattern). It’s fine, just basic
4. Hilltop farm. My youngest and I are playing together on this layout occasionally. He tells me what he wants and I try to accomplish it. The layout is interesting- too interesting. I get turned around on my own farm.
5. Riverland. When I first got the game I gathered my youngest kids thinking we could plan a farm together. Well, we chose the riverland farm and promptly were in over our heads. The kids abandoned me and I deleted the save file. Now that I’m a decent fisherman I might give it another try.
6. 4 Corners. Just too overwhelming for me. Not sure I will ever try it.


4corner for being easy to sectorize, having every "bonus" yet still plenty enough of farming area.

Forest Map, hard wood available is a good bonus, not too much of pain to navigate in , the "green" area can be focused on animals so not too much loss on the farming stuff
Base for being, well, being basic with lots of area to use as willed with the most farmable area
Mountain Farm, relatively annoying to navigate in, relatively annoying to organize, relatively decent bonus though.

Wilderness, good to navigate in & organize, but IMO the "bonus" is trash.

River Farm, annoying to navigate in, annoying to organize, bonus is trash since river fishing is but a few minute away to the south


Maybe I'm "boring" but I find the standard farm to be best for me! It has a lot of open space so I can plan where I want to put buildings/crops without having to worry about things that might cut off my creative flow such as rivers on the river map and the hilltop farm. I like things to be a certain way, so those stop me from building the way I imagine my farm to look like.

I would have liked the forest farm if a huge ole pond wasn't in the middle of it lol. there's extra hardwood there and it makes life easier to get the stables/house upgrade since it's a quick walk from your farm vs secret woods. The foraging is also nice, but once you have everything built + community bundles done, I don't see much of a need for it anymore, and would again want the standard farm for more farming space.