Discord Server Roles


Artisan and Modder would indeed be a nice touch, so people's profiles would be more uniform across all SDV community, and the roles are tied to something the people have created. Especially Modder could be given to any "confirmed" modder pretty reasonably. But Adventurer is a little too Discord-specific to be added to forums/any other community IMO, since it's tied to Discord activity rather than a creation.


Perhaps a similar role for here, but distinct from the Discord one. I agree with the modder and artisan roles though!
Modder and Artisan roles I can agree with and if a role similar to adventurer was to be added here remember this is not affiliated with the Discord.

Magically Clueless

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Personally, I don't really want to add anything similar to adventurer in the forums, but I can look and see what other fun trophies we can add :)


I'm kind of bummed that I worked my way up to Phantasmal Quasar on the Chucklefish forums, but here I'm a complete newbie (Greenhorn). *sigh*