Difficulty catching stonefish?

I am on level 20 of the mines and at level 10 fishing. I ate fish stew and am using bait and a lead bobber, yet I only seem to catch ghostfish. Am I doing something wrong?



If your catching ghost fish your on the wrong floor! Edit: wait the wiki says stone fish is on floor 20 and I'm pretty sure ghost fish is in the city area of the mine, I think this is a glitch! But idk


No, Ghostfish are on minefloors 20 and 60. The chances of stonefish (or ice pip) on those floors is just really small.
Just keep trying!
And I caught the ice pip, yet still no stonefish! And I am missing a fish that doesn’t appear to be on the Wiki :

I know the square-ish one is the stonefish, and the last 3 are the winter market fish.... but what is between the lava eel and the sand fish?? On the wiki page they are side by side 🤔🤷‍♀️🧐🤨

Lew Zealand

The Lava Eel and I have a chequered past. It behaves most like a cat, barely acknowledging the piece of string you're dangling into it's fluffy bed of Lava but secretly coveting it while you're not looking. It preys on your boredom, as you languidly check your watch-- 8:30 pm, hmmm, there's still time to hack through 5 more levels and this Lucky Lunch won't last forever. Weighing your options, it pounces, knowing you're no match.

The fool, it thinks, your cork bobber just ran out on the last cast but you didn't notice. Lol, you have No Chance. It toys with you for a while, getting your hopes up. Feeling smug and malicious it may throw a chest at you just to taunt-- you'll never get that *and* bag a Lava Eel. And you know there's a Prismatic Shard in there thanks to Mr. Lunch. You didn't even need to try for the Chest, just thinking about it means the Eel got the upper hand, your tasty Bait, and your goat.

Glumly you try a few more casts but the Lava Eel knows it has already won. He's not gonna bite. Too late for Floor 105, you slink back to the Stardrop Saloon. Emily will be there and she's all smiles. When you walk in the door you notice how much Emily's teeth look like the Eel's.