Different Train Drops?


:iron:Iron, :copper:Copper, :coal:Coal, Geodes:red: this is all I have gotten from maybe 6 different trains. Although I find it hard to stop what I am doing then run all the way up too the Bathhouse/ Trainstation. What kind of goodies have the trains dropped for you? Always curious to hear your results:thumbsup:


I honestly had no idea the trains dropped items! I just saw the message that a train was passing through and thought "Huh, thats cool" lol I'll definitely check this out next time I see the message!


I've had a few where there was nothing, not sure if I just turned up late or what.
I was there already. Heard it coming, watched it come out of the tunnel and go into the next tunnel. Bupkis.

My bad luck is famous, though. :laugh:


Am I the only person who got nothing?
No - sometimes the train doesn't drop anything. But I did get a pile of leprechaun shoes that one time, along with geodes and coal, so... it also reminds me to get up there and collect from all my tapped trees in the train yard...


I’ve also received leprechaun shoes and sometimes nothing. But, once I got wood, coal, and 25 geodes. I will admit that I usually only rush to the tracks when my 5 year old is watching me play. He wishes we could ride the train to the city.