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Multiples of the same topic are allowed, but in the sea of reports, sometimes common reports go unnoticed and relevant information gets lost! If any of these threads showcase the issue you have, we recommend contributing to that thread instead of making your own. These might not be the original or first threads that portray this issue, but these are the ones I find the most helpful to share. Feel free to comment about other common bug reports you'd like to be added to this list.

Worth noting that crash reports are common, however the reason for crashing varies, so make sure the crashing issues are similar before suggesting them in this thread. Thank you and I hope this list helps!

List key:
[Open] - The thread is still accepting responses
[Answered] - A developer has commented on the thread
[Archived] - The thread is no longer accepting responses


[Answered] Items can be duplicated in multiplayer
[Answered] Rarecrow #7 and #8 can't be bought in the night market
[Answered] Duplicating items by using a full inventory
[Answered] Impossible to complete bulletin board quests
[Open] Pet blocking door/bed and being unable to walk through them on mobile devices
[Open] Multiplayer saves crashing/disappearing at the end of the day
The horse can ride through fences and walls
[Open] Items are missing in the artifact collection on mobile (one of the mobile devs responded about the issue, but they are still working on it)

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